6 Mar, 2017

Benchmarking Against Physics: Increasing Production Today, Not Tomorrow

Many companies use benchmarking data shared anonymously with other participants in the survey. The problem is they will not have exactly the same assets. What’s being recommended here is that you benchmark yourself against physics and not others. Click to learn more!

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2 Mar, 2017

Five Benefits of Blended/Virtual Training

With PetroAcademy, we offer participants the ability to train virtually from anywhere in the world. Here are five reasons to consider a blended/virtual oil and gas training course.

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1 Mar, 2017

PetroSkills at LRGCC 2017

PetroSkills|John M. Campbell hosted the Beer and Bowling Hospitality Suite at the recent Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference in Norman, Oklahoma on Monday and Tuesday nights, February 27-28, 2017.

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1 Feb, 2017

Pressure Effect on the Condensate Stabilizer Column Performance: Part 5

This tip is the follow up of January 2017 Tip of the Month (TOTM,) which investigated a non-refluxed condensate stabilizer column having a split design where a portion of the feed is pre-heated by heat exchange with the bottoms product

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3 Jan, 2017

Non-Refluxed Split-Feed Condensate Stabilizer Column-Part 4

This tip is the follow up of December 2016 Tip of the Month (TOTM), which investigated the benefits of having a water-draw and its optimum location in a non-refluxed condensate stabilizer column.

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