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Discipline: Well Construction/Drilling

Level: Workshop

Duration: 22 hours instructor-led (virtual), plus approximately 15 hours self-paced work

Instructor: Mr. James Bobo

This workshop will be delivered virtually through PetroAcademy™ providing participants with the knowledge they need at their convenience.

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Casing design is an integral part of a drilling engineer’s work scope. This workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the design process, emphasizing the working stress approach currently used in the industry. Upon completion, participants will be able to select casing points, identify tubular requirements, loads, and present a design which incorporates life cycle considerations. Estimation of standard and special loads is covered in detail. Standard theories of strength and failure are discussed as well as advanced considerations for combined loads. Topics related to safe handling, running and hanging practices will additionally be covered.


Engineers, site supervisors, and technical managers responsible for casing design and/or review of the casing design for the full life cycle of the well. Participants should have at least one year of drilling-related experience AND be in a role that requires that they perform a detailed casing design.

Incorporate well objectives and offset data to assure wellbore integrity through its life cycle
Incorporate risk mitigation strategies into well design
Apply alternative design approach to address unanticipated torque/drag forces, etc.
Conduct pre-job safety analysis and identify potential well control trouble spots
Walk through key equipment and hazards associated with running, landing, and cementing casing
30 August - 2 October 2017 View Schedule   ENROLL NOW  
8:00 am CST start time for ILT    
14 November - 17 December 2017 View Schedule   ENROLL NOW  
7:00 pm CST start time for ILT    


This program is comprised of the following activities in PetroSkills PetroAcademy™.

 = Virtual Instructor-led Training (ILT) 
 = Online Learning Activity/Reading
 = Exercise(s)
See schedules above for specific dates
Week Activity Duration (hours) Subject  
Week 1 1.0 Opening Session: Overview  
Introduction to Casing Design - Online learning
Week 2
Select Casing Depth and Sizes  
  Online 0.5 Select Casing Depth and Sizes - Online learning  
Calculate Collapse and Burst Loads  
  Online 1.0 Calculate Collapse and Burst Loads - Online learning  
  Exercise 1.0 Casing Load Determination  
Week 3
Make Preliminary Casing Selection, Adjust for Axial Loads  
  Online 1.0 Make Preliminary Casing Selection, Adjust for Axial Loads - Online learning  
  Exercise 3.0 Casing Selection for Collapse, Burst, and Axial Design  
Calculate Combined Load Effects, Adjust and Make Final Selection  
  Online 1.0 Calculate Combined Load Effects, Adjust and Make Final Selection - Online learning  
  Exercise 1.0 Final Casing Design with Combined Loads  
Week 4
Additional Load Considerations  
  Online 1.0 Additional Load Considerations - Online learning  
  3.0 Workshop Wrap-up  
Week 5 2.0 Optional session - Creating Detailed Design for Portfolio Well  




Participant Testimonials

The Format was flexible so travel was unnecessary. Also it was extended over time so the skills learned in one day were able to be implemented over the next few days in the real world, as well as problems before having to learn something new or ask the instructor. Gave time for real 1 on 1 teaching.” -Nick (Production Engineer, Spain)

I liked that the course was segmented into 3 hour classes over the course of a couple of weeks… This helped keep me engaged and also gave me time to digest and apply the concepts once the class was finished. The instructor made the course very hands-on as well by actually working a variety of problems in the software which really helped to apply the information learned in class. Most classes I have taken are very PowerPoint driven, but this was focused on learning and actually applying the topics.– Matthew (Field Engineer, USA)