• About our Procurement/Supply Chain Management Courses
  • Contracts and Tenders Fundamentals: SC-41
  • Cost/Price Analysis & Total Cost Concepts in Supply Management: SC-64
  • Effective Materials Management: SC-42
  • Inside Procurement in Oil and Gas: SC-61
  • Strategic Procurement/Supply Management in Oil & Gas Industry: SC-62
  • Supplier Relationship Management – SC-63

Procurement/Supply Chain Management activities support all segments of the value chain in the oil and gas industry, from Exploration and Production to Refining and Marketing. Ensuring that the right materials and services are at the right place at the right time can have a positive impact on project success.



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Contracts and Tenders Fundamentals: SC-41


This three day course is designed to help
companies award the right contracts to the best
providers. Contracting involves many roles that
must work together to negotiate, document, and
ensure a reliable supply of goods and services
for capital projects and ongoing operations.
Everyone involved in contracting with suppliers
and service providers must understand the entire
process, the keys to success, and what is
required of their role if contracts are to be
effective in managing supply risks. Materials and
exercises in this course are specifically built
around oil and gas industry issues.


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Cost/Price Analysis and Total Cost Concepts in Supply Management: SC-64


Managing and reducing cost continues to be one of the primary focal points of PSCM in oil and gas today. In many organizations, more than half of the total revenue is spent on goods and services, everything from raw material to overnight mail. Maintaining a competitive position and even survival will depend on the organization’s ability to use all of the continuous improvement strategies that have been developed to reduce cost across the entire supply chain for the life of the product or service.

Fundamental to developing and implementing these strategies is knowledge of cost/price analysis, value analysis, and total cost of ownership concepts. This courseprovides thconcepts that are essential skill sets in developing and implementing the strategies required to achieve the high levels of cost 

reductions possible from the supply chain.

SC-64 is also available as a five day in-house
course with expanded content.


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Effective Materials Managament: SC-42


This three-day course covers practical considerations essential to achieve major improvements in planning, buying, storing, and disposing of the vast array of materials and spare parts needed in the oil and gas industry. Evolving best practices by major oil and gas companies are explored under three inter-related modules - inventory management, warehousing, and investment recovery.


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Inside Procurement in Oil and Gas: SC-61

This course will expand the industry understanding of supply chain professionals and increase their value added in a global, fast changing environment. Participants will learn what each industry segment requires from procurement and be given insights to maximizevalue delivery and increase their contribution.

The course includes an online, interactive forum with the instructor, and pre-read materials designed to familiarize course attendees with relevant issues. Attendees will leave better prepared to create and support procurement strategies that meet stakeholder needs, whether for projects or operations support.


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Strategic Procurement and Supply Management in the Oil and Gas Industry:  SC-62


The development and implementation of carefully crafted strategies for the procurement of all goods, equipment, materials, and services has become a critical issue for all those in the oil and gas industry wishing to reduce operating cost while improving quality and productivity.

This program explores key concepts forming the basis of strategic supply management, and moves today’s supply management organization from its typical tactical focus to the strategic focus needed to successfully implement the processes and methods needed to reach worldclass


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Supplier Relationship Management: SC-63


The traditional adversarial relationship and transactional focus of buyers and suppliers cannot meet the demand for continuous improvement in lead-time, quality, and overall
supplier performance. As a result, significant changes are occurring in the philosophies and approaches that define the relationship between purchasers and sellers in world-class


Simply put, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and collaboration provide an organizational focus on communicating with suppliers on the many steps of the Supply
Management process. This focus reduces the lead-time and total cost of acquisition, transportation, administration, and possession of goods and services for the benefit of both the
buyer and seller, and as a result, provides a competitive advantage and improved profits.


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