• About our Reliability Engineering Courses
  • Process Plant Reliability and Maintenance Strategies: REL-5
  • Risk Based Inspection: REL-61

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Process Plant Reliability and Maintenance Strategies: REL- 5


This course is designed to teach reliability engineering skills as they apply to improving process system reliability and developing maintenance strategies.


You will use modern software and analysis methods to perform statistical analysis of failures and model system performance, plus develop maintenance and reengineering strategies to improve overall performance.


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Risk Based Inspection: REL-61


The risk-based approach requires a systematic and integrated use of expertise from the different disciplines that impact plant integrity. These include design, materials selection, operating parameters and scenarios, and understanding of
the current and future degradation mechanisms and risks involved. Risk-based methodologies enable the assessment of the likelihood and potential consequences of equipment failures.


Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) provides companies the opportunity to prioritize their equipment for inspection; optimize inspection methods, frequencies, and resources; and develop specific equipment inspection plans. This results in
improved safety, lower failure risk, fewer forced shutdowns, and reduced operational costs.


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