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The Course Progression Matrix below shows how the Reservoir Engineering courses in this section are structured within each topic, from Basic to Specialized. On either side of the Reservoir Engineering section, you will see courses in associated disciplines for cross-training. These matrices are ideal for building training plans for early-career staff or finding the right course to build upon existing knowledge and experience.


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Basic Reservoir Engineering – BR


Applied Reservoir Engineering – RE


Applied Reservoir Engineering: RE VIRTUAL


Enhanced Oil Recovery Fundamentals – ORE


Reservoir Engineering for Other Disciplines – REO


Reservoir Fluid Properties: Preparation for Reservoir
Engineering and Simulation Studies – RFP


Waterflooding A to Z – WF


Well Test Design and Analysis – WTA

Capillarity in Rocks – CIR


History Matching and Reservoir Optimization – HMRO


Integrated Reservoir Modeling – GRD


Oil and Gas Reserves Evaluation – OGR


Reservoir Characterization: A Multi-Disciplinary Team
Approach – RC


Reservoir Management - RM


Reservoir Management for Unconventional Reservoirs – RMUR


Reservoir Modeling of Heavy Oil Resources – HORM


Reservoir Simulation Strategies – RSS



Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Fundamentals - EORC


Coalbed Methane Reservoirs: Advanced Analysis Techniques


Decline Curve Analysis and Diagnostic Methods for Performance Forecasting – DCA


Enhanced Oil Recovery with Gas Injection – EORG


Horizontal and Multilateral Wells: Analysis and Design – HML1


Gas Reservoir Management – GRM


Naturally Fractured Reservoirs: Geologic and Engineering
Analysis – FR


New Opportunities in Old Fields – NOF


Streamlines: Applications to Reservoir Simulation, Characterization and Management: SRS

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