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PetroSkills courses for Unconventional Resources are designed to ensure that industry professionals achieve maximum competency for shales, tight sands, and coalbed methane plays. In addition to the programs shown here, PetroSkills course offerings across the board recognize that
unconventional resources are now part of the resource set for all industry professionals.

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Basic Petroleum Engineering Practices – BE


Basic Petroleum Technology – BPT



Evaluating and Developing Shale Resources – SRE


Foundations of Petrophysics – FPP


Unconventional Resources Completion and Stimulation -URCS


Well Design and Engineering – WDE


Well Test Design and Analysis – WTA

Directional, Horizontal, and Multilateral Drilling – DHD


Gas Production Engineering: GPO


Hydraulic Fracturing Applications - HFU


Petrophysics of Unconventional Reservoirs - PUR


Reservoir Management for Unconventional Reservoirs: RMUR


Surface Water Management in Unconventional Resource Plays – SWM

Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing – AHF


Applied Rock Mechanics – ARM


Coalbed Methane Reservoirs: Advanced Analysis Techniques


Horizontal and Multilateral Wells: Analysis and Design – HML1


Horizontal and Multilateral Wells: Completions and Stimulation – HML2


Use of Full Azimuth Seismic and Microseismic for Unconventional Plays – FAMS

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