PetroSkills Oil and Gas Training Courses 2018

Well Construction / Drilling Training Courses

Advanced Well Control - AWC

Basic Drilling Technology - BDT

Casing and Cementing - CAC

Casing Design Workshop - CDW - Virtual, Blended Delivery

Cementing Practices – Cementing II - CEP

Complete the Well on Paper - CWOP

Deepwater Well Engineering - DWE

Directional, Horizontal, and Multilateral Drilling - DHD

Drill String Design and Optimization - DSD

Drill String Failure Prevention 1 - DSF1

Drilling Fluids Technology - DFT

Drilling Practices - DP

Fundamentals of Casing Design - FCD

Managing Wellsite Operations - MWC

Offshore Drilling Operations - ODO

Practical Drilling Skills - PDS

Primary Cementing – Cementing I - PCE

RigSMARTS™ 1 - RS1

RigSMARTS™ 3 Wellbore Pressure Management - RS3

Solids Control Systems - SCS

Stuck Pipe Prevention – Train Wreck Avoidance™ - SPP

Technical Limit - TL

Well Construction - WCT

Well Design and Engineering - WDE

Petrophysics training Courses

Applied Rock Mechanics - ARM

Capillarity in Rocks - CIR

Cased Hole Formation Evaluation - CH

Coring and Core Analysis - CCA

Foundations of Petrophysics - FPP

Integration of Rocks, Log and Test Data - ILC

Mudlogging - MDLG

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Petrophysics - NMRP

Petrophysics of Unconventional Reservoirs - PUR

Shaly Sand Petrophysics - APS

Structural and Stratigraphic Interpretation of Dipmeters and Borehole-Imaging Logs - SSI

Well Log Interpretation - WLI

Wireline Formation Testing and Interpretation - WFT

Reservoir Engineering Training Courses

Applied Reservoir Engineering - RE

Applied Reservoir Engineering - RE - Virtual, Blended Delivery

Basic Reservoir Engineering - BR

Capillarity in Rocks - CIR

Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Fundamentals - EORC

Decline Curve Analysis and Diagnostic Methods for Performance Forecasting - DCA

Enhanced Oil Recovery Fundamentals- ORE

Enhanced Oil Recovery with Gas Injection - EORG

Gas Reservoir Management - GRM

History Matching and Reservoir Optimization - HMRO

Horizontal and Multilateral Wells: Analysis and Design - HML1

Integrated Reservoir Modeling - GRD

Naturally Fractured Reservoirs: Geologic and Engineering Analysis - FR

New Opportunities in Old Fields - NOF

Oil and Gas Reserves Evaluation - OGR

Reservoir Characterization: A Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach - RC

Reservoir Engineering for Other Disciplines - REO

Reservoir Fluid Properties: Preparation for Reservoir Engineering and Simulation Studies - RFP

Reservoir Management - RM

Reservoir Management for Unconventional Reservoirs - RMUR

Reservoir Modeling of Heavy Oil Resources - HORM

Reservoir Simulation Strategies - RSS

Streamlines: Applications to Reservoir Simulation, Characterization and Management - SRS

Waterflooding A to Z - WF

Well Test Design and Analysis - WTA

Production / Completions Engineering Training Courses

Acidizing Applications in Sandstones and Carbonates - ASC

Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing - AHF

Artificial Lift Systems - ALS

Beam Pumps - BP

Coiled Tubing Interventions - CTI

Completions and Workovers - CAW

Downhole Remediation Practices for Mature Oil and Gas Wells - DRP

Electrical Submersible Pumps - ESP

Flow Assurance For Offshore Production - FAOP

Formation Damage: Causes, Prevention, and Remediation - FD

Gas Lift - GLI

Gas Production Engineering - GPO

Gas Well Deliquification - GWD

Horizontal and Multilateral Wells: Completions and Stimulation - HML2

Hydraulic Fracturing Applications - HFU

NODAL Analysis Workshop - NAW-3 - Virtual, Blended Delivery

Operations and Development of Surface Production Systems - PO4

Performance Analysis, Prediction and Optimization Using NODAL Analysis - PO2

Plunger Lift - PLS

Production Chemistry - OGPC

Production Logging - RMP

Production Operations I - PO1

Production Operations 1 - PO1 - Virtual, Blended Delivery

Production Technology for Other Disciplines - PTO

Sand Control - SNDC

Scale Identification, Remediation, and Prevention Workshop - SIR-3 - Virtual, Blended Learning

Surface Production Operations - PO3

Surface Water Management in Unconventional Resource Plays - SWM

Unconventional Resources Completion and Stimulation - URCS

Well Stimulation: Practical and Applied - WS


Heavy Oil Progression Training Courses

Evaluating and Developing Heavy Oil Resources - HOED

Field Study-Heavy Oil Resources - HOFS

Overview of Heavy Oil Resources - HOOV

Unconventional Resources Training Courses

Evaluating and Developing Shale Resources - SRE

Petrophysics of Unconventional Reservoirs - PUR

Reservoir Management for Unconventional Reservoirs - RMUR

Surface Water Management in Unconventional Resource Plays - SWM

Unconventional Resources Completion and Stimulation - URCS

Petroleum Business Training Courses

Advanced Decision Analysis with Portfolio and Project Modeling - ADA

Basic Petroleum Economics - BEC3

Cost Management - CM

Economic Evaluation of Prospects and Producing Properties - EPP

Economics of Worldwide Petroleum Production - EWP

Expanded Basic Petroleum Economics - BEC

Fundamentals of International Oil and Gas Law - IOG

International Petroleum Contracts - IPC

Introduction to Petroleum Business - IPB

Petroleum Finance and Accounting Principles - PFA

Petroleum Risk and Decision Analysis - PRD

Strategic Thinking: A Tool-Based Approach - STT

Project Management Training Courses

Advanced Project Management - FPM62

Advanced Project Management II - FPM63

Introduction to Project Management - IPM

Managing Brownfield Projects - FPM42

Project Management for Engineering and Construction - FPM22

Project Management in Upstream Field Development - FPM2

Petroleum Project Management: Principles and Practices - PPM

Project Cost Scheduling - PCS

Risk Management for Upstream Capital Projects - PMRM

Petroleum Professional Development Training Courses

Conflict Management Skills for Managers and Leaders -RCP3

Essential Leadership Skills for Technical Professionals - OM23

Essential Skills for Resolving Workplace Conflict Among Coworkers - RCP2

Essential Technical Writing Skills - ETWS

Making Change Happen: People and Process - MCPP

Managing and Leading Others - MLO

Meeting Management and Facilitation for the Petroleum Industry - MMF

Negotiating Skills for the Petroleum Industry - NSPI

Presentation Skills for Petroleum Industry - PSPI

Team Building for Intact Teams - TB

Team Leadership - TLS

Petroleum Data Management Training Courses

ArcGIS Coordinate Reference System for Petroleum - GISC

ArcGIS Data Management for Petroleum - GISD

ArcGIS Essentials for Petroleum - GISE

Geomatics: Geodesy and Cartography - GEOM1

Introduction to Data Management - IDM

Seismic Positioning Data Management - SPDM

Health, Safety, Environment Training Courses

Accredited Environmental Practitioner - HS71

Accredited Health & Safety Practitioner - HS70

Applied Environment - HS23

Applied Health - HS24

Applied HSE Management - HS28

Applied Safety - HS20

Basics of Environment - HS13

Basics of HSE Management - HS18

Construction and Demolition Safety - HS48

Contractor Safety Management - HS46

Environmental Management Systems: A Development Workshop - HS37

Fundamentals of Process Safety - PS-2

Risk Based Process Safety Management - HS45

Lead Auditor for Health and Safety (IOSH) and Environment (IEMA) - HS47

Gas Processing Training Courses

Advanced Applications in Gas Processing - G-5

Gas Conditioning and Processing - G-4

Gas Conditioning and Processing - LNG Emphasis - G-4LNG

Gas Treating and Sulfur Recovery - G-6

LNG Short Course: Technology and the LNG Chain - G-29

Overview of Gas Processing - Non-Technical - G-1

Overview of Gas Processing - Technical - G-2

Process Safety Engineering - PS-4

Process Facilities Training Courses

Applied Water Technology in Oil and Gas Production - PF-21

CO2 Surface Facilities - PF-81

Concept Selection and Specification of Production Facilities in Field Development Projects - PF-3

Corrosion Management in Production/Processing Operations - PF-22

Heat Transfer Equipment - PF-43

Introduction to Oil and Gas Production Facilities - PF-2

Oil Production & Processing Facilities - PF-4

Onshore Gas Gathering Systems: Design & Operation - PF-45

Process Utility Systems - PF-47

Produced Water Treating - PF-23

Relief and Flare Systems - PF-44

Separation Equipment - Selection & Sizing - PF-42

Troubleshooting Oil and Gas Processing Facilities - PF-49

Offshore Training Courses

Fundamentals of Offshore Systems: Design and Construction - OS-4

Overview of Subsea Systems - SS-2

Overview of Offshore Systems - OS-21

Pipeline Training Courses

Offshore Pipeline Design and Construction - PL-43

Onshore Pipeline Facilities - Design, Construction and Operations - PL-42

Pipeline Systems Overview - PL-22

Terminals and Storage Facilities - PL-44

Instrumentation, Controls & Electrical Training Courses

Electrical Engineering Fundamentals for Facilities Engineers - E-3

Flow and Level Custody Measurement - IC-73

Instrumentation and Controls Fundamentals for Facilities Engineers - IC-3

Instrumentation, Controls and Electrical Systems for Facilities Engineers - ICE-21

PLC and SCADA Technologies - IC-71

Practical PID Control and Loop Tuning - IC-74

Valve and Actuator Technologies - IC-72

Mechanical engineering Training Courses

Compressor Systems - Mechanical Design and Specification - ME-46

Corrosion Management in Production/Processing Operations - PF-22

Fundamentals of Pump and Compressor Systems - ME-44

Gas Turbines - ME-48

Mechanical  Specification of Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers - ME-43

Piping Systems - Mechanical Design and Specification - ME-41

Process Plant Reliability and Maintenance Strategies - REL-5

Risk Based Inspection - REL-61


Fundamentals of Refining Technology - RF-31

Procurement/Supply Chain Management Training Courses

Contracts and Tenders Fundamentals - SC-41

Cost/Price Analysis and Total Cost Concepts in Supply Mgmt - SC-64

Effective Materials Management - SC-42

Inside Procurement in Oil & Gas - SC-61

Strategic Procurement & Supply Mgmt in the O&G Business - SC-62

Supplier Relationship Mgmt - SC-63

Operations & Maintenance Training Courses

Applied Maintenance Management - OM-21

Fractional Distillation for Operations & Maintenance - OT-44

Fundamentals of Process Safety - PS-2

Gas Dehydration and Amine Sweetening for Operations & Maintenance - OT-41

Gas Production/Processing for Operations & Maintenance - OT-3

LNG Facilities for Operations & Maintenance - OT-43

Maintenance Planning and Work Control - OM-41

NGL Fractionation and Cryogenic NGL Recovery for Operations & Maintenance - OT-42

Oil & Gas Processing Facilities for Operations & Maintenance - OT-1

Turnaround, Shutdown and Outage Management - TSOM

vIRTUAl Oil and gas courses

Applied Reservoir Engineering

Casing Design Workshop

Foundations of Petrophysics

NODAL Analysis Workshop

Production Operations 1

Scale Identification, Remediation and Prevention Workshop