1 Nov, 2020

Thermodynamic Hydrate Inhibitors – How Do They Compare?

This Tip of the Month discusses and compares thermodynamic hydrate inhibitors. Learn what determines the inhibitors' hydrate suppression performance, and which one to choose for your inhibition needs!

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1 Oct, 2020

How to Reduce Compressor Power in a Mechanical Refrigeration Plant

This tip reviews several options for reducing the compression power requirement for a mechanical refrigeration plant with mono ethylene glycol (MEG) injection for hydrocarbon dewpoint (HCDP) control.

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1 Sep, 2020

The APCI C3/MR Process: Part 2

An In-Plant Review of the APCI C3/MR Propane Pre-Cooling Process. This Tip of the Month is part two of the "Introduction into the APCI C3/SMR LNG Liquefaction Process" series.

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1 Aug, 2020

Overview of Gas Conditioning and Processing: Why Is This Required, and What Drives the Unit Op Selection of a Facility?

Have you ever wondered why your process facility has the process unit operations it does or what is the difference between gas conditioning and gas processing? Read our Tip of the Month to find out!

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30 Jun, 2020

An Introduction into the Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., Mixed Refrigerant LNG Liquefaction Process - What is it, and how does it work?

This Tip of the Month endeavors to provide some current information regarding one of the most commonly applied LNG liquefaction technologies known as the APCI C3/SMR process which is present in over 40% of the worlds’ 33 existing Process Gas LNG Liquefaction Plants.

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