19 Aug, 2021

Refinery Redesigns Critical Training in Response to COVID-19 Crisis

By 2020, many companies had already begun attempts to transition their training from face-to-face and add more e-learning and virtual delivery, but the COVID-19 pandemic hastened these companies to make their move with immediacy! Additionally, the industry’s financial health, used to previous highs and lows of economic cycles, faced an oil price decline in the beginning of 2020 that was coupled with a collapse in demand due to COVID-19 restrictions unlike other times. This case study is about how one company successfully converted key operator training from Face-to-Face to Blended quickly and inexpensively in response to COVID-19 concerns by using PetroSkills ePilot e-learning to deliver awareness and knowledge-level content.

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7 Jul, 2021

Instructor of the Month | Kindra Snow-McGregor

Let me introduce you to one of our incredible instructors, Kindra Snow-McGregor. Kindra is the Technical Director of Oil and Gas Processing at PetroSkills | John M. Campbell and is the instructor for a lengthy list of courses including Overview of Gas Processing - G-2, Gas Conditioning and Processing - G-4, and all of our G-4 Short Courses, to name just a few. Here are Kindra’s answers to some fun questions to help you get to know her more on a personal level.

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2 Jun, 2021

Training Reimagined and Lessons Learned Down the Virtual Road

During the COVID 19 pandemic, all face-to-face training came to a hard stop in March of 2020. As a training organization in the Oil and Gas Industry with a large offering of face-to-face training courses, we were faced with a significant challenge to quickly convert our course offerings to virtual delivery. Our success in the conversion of the materials to be appropriate for virtual delivery, as well as the training of our instructors to deliver this content virtually was key to our financial stability this past year. As an organization serving the industry, we feel that it is important for us to share our lessons learned on this journey to help others currently working on the path of virtual training delivery options for their own companies. This Tip of the Month will discuss tips for tools, methods, materials, and structure that can be used to create successful virtual training options.

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29 Jul, 2020

New Online Training Options

Striving to support professional development across the oil and gas industry by connecting our experts with you, wherever you are. Learn about our new online training option available during these challenging times.

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19 Nov, 2013

Excellence in Workforce Development - Part 1

The SMRP Body of Knowledge is the best there is. But how do you know if your people can demonstrate their competence? How are you going to replace your retiring, experienced personnel with competent people who can perform on the job? How do you manage safety with safe work behaviors by competent people? In a growing number of societal areas, we are using ‘leading indicators’ to help people choose safer behaviors that prevent accidents.

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