1 May, 2021

The Diffusivity Equation

The theory of well testing begins with an understanding of fluid flow in porous media. In this article, the continuity equation, Darcy’s law, and equation of state for a slightly compressible liquid are used to develop the diffusivity equation, describing single-phase flow of a slightly compressible liquid.

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1 Mar, 2021

Introduction to Well Test Interpretation

This article gives an overview of the types of well tests, well test applications, and the objectives of well test interpretation.

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1 Feb, 2021

Procurement, E&P Asset Management and TCO

The Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSCM) organization plays an important role in optimizing operational and financial efficiency. This technical article dives into the involvement of PSCM in the E&P process and total cost of ownership (TCO).

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1 Nov, 2020

Introduction to Petroleum Exploration Techniques

Geology is a science that brings virtually every other scientific discipline to bear in its application, whether it is the sorting out of geologic events and processes or the exploration for important raw materials, such as oil and gas. This article gives an overview of the major factors and techniques involved in petroleum exploration.

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1 Aug, 2020

Oilfield Corrosion: Why does it happen & how can we detect it?

According to well documented oilfield industry data, 1 in 3 occurrences of equipment failures are related to types of corrosion. Corrosion is by far the most significant and troublesome mechanism in the oilfield.  It results in production shut-in and loss of revenue in addition to repair and remediation costs. Learn more about these different types of corrosion and how to detect them.

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