15 Nov, 2019

Managing Non-Technical Risks: A Major Operator Dealing with Conflict

Sometimes non-technical risks take the form of challenging human security issues, especially in politically volatile settings. This article takes a look at a situation a major operator experienced while working on a project in Indonesia.

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1 Nov, 2019

Acid vs. Proppant Fracturing: Which Should I Use?

This Tip of the Month discusses the strengths and limitations of both acid and proppant fracturing techniques to better equip you to make effective well productivity decisions.

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1 Oct, 2019

Project Management: The Gatekeeper’s Dilemma

Working on a new project can be both exciting and challenging. As a gatekeeper looking to approve full funding on a project, it is crucial to receive accurate information and high quality decision support packages in order to move forward. This Tip of the Month discusses what that process looks like, challenges that can arise and how to prevent those issues.

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1 Sep, 2019

Introduction to Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing is an important topic in our industry for many reasons, but most importantly, for its ability to greatly improve the flow of a producing well. This Tip of the Month discusses hydraulic fracturing with a focus on why we do it, fracture mechanics and factors that influence fracture geometry.

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1 Aug, 2019

2019 Subsurface E-Book Download

We are excited to announce the release of our complimentary Subsurface Tips of the Month E-Book - download your copy today!

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