16 Jul, 2019

Top 10 Courses for a Reservoir Engineer

Find out which PetroSkills courses reservoir engineers are taking to advance their careers!

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1 Jun, 2019

Geostatistical Approaches to Prospect Risk

This Subsurface Tip of the Month discusses geostatistical approaches for determining the probability of oil and gas in a prospect.

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1 May, 2019

Prospect and Play Assessment: Volumetric Analysis

Part 1 of a technical series focused on prospect and play assessment. This Tip of the Month will discuss assessing hydrocarbons contained in individual prospects and leads through volumetric analysis.

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4 Mar, 2019

Managing Non-Technical Risks Case Study: Ghana

For many in the oil and gas industry, this situation is a well-known example of how non-technical risks can interrupt operations or lead to project delays and budget overruns. Read how managing non-technical risks is relevant in countries such as Ghana.

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1 Mar, 2019

Introduction to Directional Drilling

This Subsurface Tip of the Month gives an introduction to directional drilling. Learn about the technique's history, along with its uses, benefits and challenges when utilized in the field.

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