1 Jan, 2019

How Project Governance Affects Decision Making

Every day, project managers are challenged to make significant decisions that affect project progress, cost and operability outcomes. Learn how project governance affects those decisions and some standard practices and procedures you can apply in your career.

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17 Dec, 2018

Instructor Highlight: Ms. Nancy House

This month we would like to recognize Nancy House, one of our geophysics instructors, for her achievements in 2018!

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20 Nov, 2018

PetroSkills Adds New Course

We are excited to announce the release of our new course: Managing Non-Technical Risks! Christiaan Luca gives us an inside look at the course and its benefits in this Q&A interview.

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1 Nov, 2018

Forecasting Oil and Gas Production For Unconventional Wells

This Subsurface Tip of the Month introduces decline curve analysis and focuses on the modified Arps method for unconventional wells in detail, providing both equations and plots of forecasted production.

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1 Jun, 2018

What You Need to Know About Production Logging

Production logging is a critical component of developing optimum modeling, completion and stimulation practices. This subsurface Tip of the Month (TOTM) discusses what you need to know to make your production logging both efficient and effective, and how to handle the unique challenges presented by horizontal wellbores.

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