4 Oct, 2021

Clean Energy Needs an “All of the Above” Approach to Ensure Availability and Reliability

This Tip of the Month will discuss energy issues in the U.S, and highlight why there must be an “all of the above” approach to electricity generation technologies to ensure availability and reliability. The type of technology selected should be based upon what the local resources and environment can provide as there is no silver bullet, or one size fits all solution. Energy density of the various electricity generation technologies will be covered, and some examples of current performance will be examined.

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1 Sep, 2021

Acid Gas Removal: Preventing Liquid Carry Over to and Condensation in the Amine Contactor

Hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide are the principal objectionable acid gas components often present in natural gas, synthetic gas, and various refinery gas streams. These acid gas components must be removed for corrosion prevention in gas pipelines, process equipment, and for health and safety reasons. Reference [1] provides current acceptable concentration levels for these acid gases in various gas streams. Hydrogen sulfide removal often requires the production of sulfur in the sulfur recovery units to meet emission limits. Sulfur is a product used to produce sulfuric acid and fertilizers. Carbon dioxide removal is used for enhanced oil recovery and is required for carbon capture and sequestering (CCS) operations.

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18 Aug, 2021

GNL/ Plantas de Gas: Problemas y Soluciones

Existen tres unidades claves de procesamiento, vis. Unidad de Remoción del Gas Acido (AGRU/URGA), Unidad de Deshidratación por Tamices Moleculares (MSDU/UTMD), y la Unidad de Remoción de Mercurio (MRU/URM) que son comunes tanto en el procesamiento del gas, así como facilidades del GNL. En este Previo del Mes (PDM), se analizaran algunos problemas operacionales asociados con estas unidades de proceso, y las acciones de solución en sitio (troubleshooting) de estas circunstancias operacionales. La clave para lograr una operación exitosa de estas unidades es el entendimiento de los parámetros que ocasionan la problemática operacional y como detectar estos en la fase de diseño del proyecto.

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30 Jul, 2021

LNG / Gas Plants: Problems & Solutions

There are three key processing units, viz. Acid Gas Removal Unit (AGRU), Mol Sieve Dehydration Unit (MSDU) and Mercury Removal Unit (MRU) that are common in both gas processing, and LNG facilities. In this TOTM, we discuss some common operating problems associated with these process units and suggests ways to troubleshoot the root cause of these operational issues. The key to successful operations of these units is the understanding of the parameters that cause the primary operational issues and address these at the design stage of the project.

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6 Jul, 2021

Development of 7% Nickel Steel for LNG Storage Tanks

The construction costs of LNG storage tanks are very high, mainly due to the availability and cost of nickel. Most LNG storage tanks built in the modern era use 9% wt nickel steel as the materials of construction because of the materials well documented toughness at cryogenic temperatures. This article looks at advances in cryogenic metallurgy in order to reduce construction costs while maintaining a safe operational environment.

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