1 Sep, 2017

Effect of Methanol on Distribution of Sulfur Compounds in NGL Fractionation Train

This Facilities Tip of the Month (TOTM) will present the effect of methanol on the distribution and concentration of the sulfur compounds in a NGL fractionation train using a process simulator based on the Peng-Robinson equation of state. The simulation software’s built-in binary interaction parameters were used, and the tabular and graphical simulation results are presented.

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2 Aug, 2017

Infinite Recycle Impacts on Compression Systems

This Facilities TOTM (tip of the month) discusses what infinite recycling is, how to identify it, how to prevent it and solutions for making your company more money through increased production by simply adjusting setpoints.

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3 Jul, 2017

Estimate BETX Absorption in TEG Dehydration Process

This facilities Tip of the Month (TOTM) demonstrates application simplified diagrams for quick estimation of BETX absorption in a case study. Additionally, it gives an overview of the most commonly used designs for mitigation of BETX emissions.

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6 Jun, 2017

Evaluating Fracture Stimulation

Looking to better understand the fracture network involved in the development of shale plays? This TOTM discusses how understanding stimulated reservoir volume helps us estimate recoverable reserves, well spacing, and orientation. It also provides the basis for evaluating and improving stimulation practices.

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2 Jun, 2017

Low Temperature Methane Gas Water Content

For normal gas conditioning processes, the water vapor content of natural gases in equilibrium with water is commonly estimated from McKetta and Wehe based charts like Figure 6.1 of Campbell book or Figure 20.4 of Gas Processors and Suppliers Association. This facilities TOTM presents a chart for estimating methane gas water content at low temperatures, e.g. cryogenic processes.

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1 May, 2017

Oil Dehydration Design Error Found in Most Designs Worldwide

Are you having reverse emulsion problems or issues meeting your discharge oil in water specifications? This Tip of the Month (TOTM) discusses how to avoid a costly design error found in most oil dehydration systems worldwide.

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3 Apr, 2017

Finding Opportunities Checklist

This TOTM (tip of the month) discusses places to look for opportunities to increase production quickly. The concepts, techniques, and later where to look for and find opportunities are discussed. This tip will enable you to answer the Key Question: “Are we getting the most from our Asset?”

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6 Mar, 2017

Benchmarking Against Physics: Increasing Production Today, Not Tomorrow

Many companies use benchmarking data shared anonymously with other participants in the survey. The problem is they will not have exactly the same assets. What’s being recommended here is that you benchmark yourself against physics and not others. Click to learn more!

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1 Feb, 2017

Pressure Effect on the Condensate Stabilizer Column Performance: Part 5

This tip is the follow up of January 2017 Tip of the Month (TOTM,) which investigated a non-refluxed condensate stabilizer column having a split design where a portion of the feed is pre-heated by heat exchange with the bottoms product

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3 Jan, 2017

Non-Refluxed Split-Feed Condensate Stabilizer Column-Part 4

This tip is the follow up of December 2016 Tip of the Month (TOTM), which investigated the benefits of having a water-draw and its optimum location in a non-refluxed condensate stabilizer column.

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