1 Jul, 2019

2019 Facilities E-Book Download

We are excited to announce the release of our 2019 Facilities Tips of the Month E-Book! At PetroSkills, we recognize the value of sharing knowledge between industry professionals and are passionate about contributing impactful technical materials for the oil and gas industry. With the help of our expert instructors, we have produced over 160 technical articles with more than 250,000 readers per year.

This complimentary E-Book is a collection of the Facilities Tips of the Month written so far this year. Download and enjoy your own copy today!

Download the E-Book!


 1. Optimizing Performance of a Refrigeration System with an External Sub-Cool Economizer

 2. Impact of Heavy End on the Performance of a Mechanical Refrigeration Plant with MEG Injection

 3. Design and Operation of Unconventional Surface Facilities: Process Safety Tips

 4.  Impact of Liquid Carryover on the Performance of a Mechanical Refrigeration Plant with MEG Injection

 5. A Short Cut Method for Evaluating Molecular Sieve Performance

 6. Impact of Temperature Approach of the Heat Exchangers on the CAPEX and OPEX of a Mechanical Refrigeration Plant with MEG Injection


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