2 Apr, 2013

350,000 Course Participants to Date...and Counting

In the 50 years since our founding, PetroSkills has helped more than 350,000 technical professionals in the oil & gas industries increase their skills and develop their competencies, and we add to that number every week.  We’re proud of the quality of the services we provide – and the results they generate for our customers.  

But aside from the fact that it’s big, what does that number mean to you?

The answer may surprise you – but the number by itself really means nothing.  What is important is that PetroSkills is constantly increasing the range of content, products and services we offer our members and our customers in response to the growing and changing needs of our industry.  We rely on you to keep giving us feedback not only on how we’re doing today, but on how we’ll be able to help meet your needs tomorrow.

250 courses – with more on the way.

From the few course titles we offered in the 1960s, we’ve grown our course catalog to include more than 250 titles spanning E&P, Facilities Engineering, O&M and HSE. Our newest offerings include a Petroleum Professional Development curriculum designed and built around the specific operating and management environment of our industry.  A growing base of courses address Unconventional Plays, targeting today’s hottest topics and challenges.  And based on your feedback, we are enthusiastically and briskly developing a set of curricula and courses aimed at supporting the downstream portion of our industry – our Petrochemical and Refining disciplines.

Helping you manage competency development and assurance.

Beyond the classroom, PetroSkills offers an array of services aimed at supporting your efforts to develop and assure the competence of oil and gas professionals worldwide.  From a broad and deep library of competency maps that span a wide range of technical disciplines across the industry to consulting and performance support services aimed at helping our customers develop and deepen their ability and capacity to manage competency development and assurance, we continue to grow and refine our offerings.  It’s all based on direct, constant feedback from our work with the member companies of the PetroSkills Alliance.

Digital resources for competency management and performance support.

We support those services with an evolving set of software tools.  Our CAT and TRACCESS competency management systems help provide structure, process and data to support customer competency management.  Our newest digital offering – PetroCore – is an on-line reference and performance support system designed to increase both the efficiency and the effectiveness of the way work gets done, where and when that work is being done. And our revolutionary PetroFlex platform allows individual located anywhere in the world to attend a PetroSkills class virtually side by side with classroom participants, with the same access to PetroSkills’ industry-leading, highly experienced instructors.

As your needs expand, so does our vision.

So to us, the fact that more than 350,000 technical professionals have entrusted us with their professional development is significant because it reminds us every day of our mission – to build competent petroleum professionals by delivering learning and development where, when and how our customers need it.  As your needs expand, we will increase the range, depth and breadth of the products and services we offer to the oil and gas industry – and continue supporting the evolving needs of our customers.


Nick Schacht is President and COO of PetroSkills.  A highly accomplished leader in the training and development industry, he has previously been CEO and President of Learning Tree International, President of Global Learning Systems, Group President for the Institute for International Research, and President of ESI International.  Nick started his career as a U.S. Navy Supply Officer.  He is an Honors Graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy with advanced degrees from the University of Maryland University College and The George Washington University.  He is a PMP (Retired).