30 Jul, 2018

Two-Part Boutique LNG Series

Has Boutique LNG Gone Mainstream?

John Sheffield and Kindra Snow-McGregor, PetroSkills | John M Campbell, present a worldwide overview of the small scale LNG industry. Sign up to receive our two-part series that was recently featured in LNG Industry magazine.

Part 1 of this series considers the development of the LNG business focusing on the development of virtual pipelines in Australia, China, and Argentina, where LNG is being used to transfer gas from stranded fields to remote power generation stations. The development of the use of LNG as a fuel for marine transportation is also examined focusing on the extensive developments in Europe.

Part 2 shifts the focus to North America and examines the development of LNG as a transportation fuel in road, rail, sea transport and as an alternative for flare gas reduction/utilization from remote shale plays.

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