6 Sep, 2019

PetroSkills Adds Lead Auditor Course

Stephen Asbury, best-selling author on HSEQ auditing, gives us an inside look at his new course and its benefits in this Q&A interview. In our Management Systems Lead Auditor course, you will learn how to conduct a risk-based management system audit using ISO 19011, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. Discover more about the course and register below - it’s not too late to enroll in one of the remaining sessions this year!

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Q&A with PetroSkills Instructor Stephen Asbury

Q: What are the main takeaways from the Management Systems Lead Auditor course? 

A: These days, there is a much greater need for audits to add value to the business. Whilst in days-past, it was often enough for organizations to be able to ‘tick the box’ to say that an audit had taken place, now it is critical that a risk-based audit can confirm control of critical business risks – or to alert top management that structured control is absent.

This course teaches auditors and lead auditors to audit using ISO 19011 THROUGH the continuity of control provided by ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and other structured means of control based on an understanding of the context of the organization and its significant risks.


Q: Who is this course designed for?

A: The course is designed for auditors who wish to add value to the auditing process, and for organizations who want their auditors to deliver this business-focused approach to assuring systematic control of significant business risks.

Over twenty years’ experience of delivering this class around the world has highlighted that the course is also highly applicable for line managers who are to be seconded to internal audit roles.


Q: How does this course benefit a participant’s career?

A: The course includes a section covering the evolution past, present and future of structure in business control systems based around ISO Annex SL and the Deming Cycle PDCA. This enlightening content prepares participants for understanding the management systems of virtually any organization they will come across in the future – as an employee, supplier or customer.


Q: Why is this course important in today’s industry?

A: Structured management control systems have grown in scale and prominence at the international level. Ten years ago, there was perhaps a handful, whilst now, there are over 40. The International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) says that there are over one million companies and organizations in over 170 countries certified to ISO 9001. Our research confirms great affinity for ISO 9001 in many supply chains, such as energy and power, automotive, aviation, rail, utilities and local governments. In many cases, it has become a foundational expectation when tendering. Likewise, there has been phenomenal growth in the adoption of ISO 14001 - ISO says there are more than 300,000 so-certified in 171 countries around the world. ISO 45001 is showing early signs of similar growth.


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