1 Jan, 2013

PetroSkills offers 14 new courses for 2013.

KATY, Texas, USA (1 January, 2013)—PetroSkills has announced that 14 new courses will be available worldwide, for public and in-house instruction, in 2013.  The new courses add to the catalog of courses already available in disciplines including Geology, Refining, Instrumentation, Gas Processing, Project Management, Professional Development, and Data Management.

This diverse collection of courses provides valuable opportunities for petroleum professionals to develop their technical knowledge and practical skills, both individually and as a team member or manager.

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250 courses – with more on the way.

From the few course titles PetroSkills offered in the 1960s, we’ve grown our course catalog to include more than 250 titles spanning E&P, Facilities Engineering, O&M and HSE.  No one offers more course choices for petroleum professionals in all technical disciplines, all developed and validated by the member companies of the PetroSkills Alliance.

Our newest offerings include a Petroleum Professional Development curriculum designed and built around the specific operating and management environment of our industry.  A growing base of courses address Unconventional Plays, targeting today’s hottest topics and challenges.  And based on your feedback, we are quickly developing a set of curricula and courses aimed at supporting the downstream portion of our industry—our Petrochemical and Refining disciplines.

About PetroSkills

The PetroSkills Alliance was created in 2001 by BP, Shell and OGCI to provide “important but not unique” high-quality, competency-based training. Through its membership PetroSkills has successfully evolved into an industry-driven, industry-approved program that spans the value chain. PetroSkills continues to grow as additional organizations join the PetroSkills Alliance at various levels.

With more than 280 instructors, PetroSkills delivers more than 2,000 public and in-house course sessions annually, in more than 45 different cities worldwide. PetroSkills' mission is to build competent petroleum professionals by delivering learning and development when, where and how it is needed – and now through multiple delivery models.

For more information about PetroSkills, go to www.PetroSkills.com.


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VP, Marketing