18 Apr, 2013

Using Course Progression Maps

How to use PetroSkills Course Progression Maps to plan your career development.

PetroSkills Course Progression Maps are a valuable tool to help you customize a career map with coursework that specifically relates to present or future job requirements, or simply find your next course.

For Exploration and Production Professionals

Courses for a particular job function, from Basic up to Specialized, make up the core of each Course Progression Map. Within this core, you will find columns of specialty. These will help you narrow your focus as you progress. On either side of the core job function, look for courses in related disciplines that enhance and complement development in this field.

For Facilities Engineers

For technical professionals in Facilities disciplines, the Course Progression Maps start with the Foundation course of each job function. Next, you’ll move up into additional courses which build on competencies in the critical associated disciplines. For broader knowledge and cross-training, look to the courses to the right of the main section.

See a Course Progression Map that relates to your career