19 Apr, 2013

What does the “Big Crew Change” mean for you?

You’ve probably heard all about the “Big Crew Change.”  During the next few years, about one third of today’s oil and gas professionals are going to retire.  For an executive manager of an oil and gas company, that presents a huge challenge – as companies everywhere race to fill the gaps in their workforces. 

What does the Big Crew Change mean for you?  Opportunity! 

As senior professionals around the world leave the industry in all departments and specialties, younger professionals will have many opportunities to move up.  But who will be chosen for advancement?  Who will move up fastest?  Young professionals who demonstrate potential and a strong desire to develop their careers.

Take advantage of this opportunity!

1. Be proactive. Start now to gather the technical knowledge, skills and leadership ability you’ll need to move forward.

2. Use the career planning tools available on this website – starting with our course progression maps – to choose the courses that match your career goals.

3. Contact your HR or training department to see if your company is a member of the PetroSkills Alliance.  All member companies have access to the powerful tools developed by the Alliance for career-planning and workforce development. (Many non-member companies have also gained access to these tools by licensing them from the Alliance.  So, it pays to ask if they are available to you.)

4. If you need help choosing the right course, contact a PetroSkills advisor.  That’s why we’re here.

5. Develop your abilities and build your resume with courses that have earned unquestioned respect in the industry – from PetroSkills.