Accredited Environmental Practitioner: IEMA Full Member by Applied Learning - HS71

Discipline: Health, Safety, Environment
Level: Specialized
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About the course Designed For You will learn Course Content
About the course
Achieve Full Membership of IEMA (MIEMA) and Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) in this two-part mentored, distance learning program. Part 1 comprises six units each requiring submission of work evidence to demonstrate competence. Completion leads to award of the IEMA Associate Certificate in Environmental Management (AIEMA).

In Part 2 (optional), the participant is guided through a personal development program, and the application and assessment process to complete the award of MIEMA and CEnv.

Each participant has a personal mentor who works with them on a one-to-one basis. Our support is tailored to meet your needs at a pace which suits you. Communication is usually through e-conference, e-mail and telephone.

You can start your program any time. Part 1 is usually spread over an 8-12 month period, but can be speeded up or slowed down to suit you. Completion of Part 2 requires 3-years full time environmental experience, but this can predate your enrollment.
Designed For
Experienced environmental specialists seeking Associate and/or Full Membership of IEMA (the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment). Participants should have responsibility for managing one or more environmental impacts within their work.
You will learn
  • Participants will be supported by a personal mentor to build a structured portfolio of work-based evidence, demonstrating skilled application of environmental management techniques, which collectively meet IEMA requirements
  • To prepare required reports
  • To close any knowledge gaps through directed reading
  • Through assessment and internal verification of submitted materials
  • By registering you with IEMA as an Affiliate member for one year (included in your fee), and upgrading you upon completion to AIEMA and MIEMA as applicable
Course Content
  • Earth's natural systems and how human activity interacts with these
  • Main sources of environmental laws affecting international businesses
  • The principle environmental techniques including Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment
  • The benefits of implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Environmental communication
  • The issues, science and philosophy of sustainability


You can start the program at any time, as it is fully flexible. The program fee for Parts 1 and 2 is $4500 (excluding VAT) with 12 months' Affiliate membership of IEMA.

For purchasing Parts 1 and 2 separately:
- Part 1 program to AIEMA (Part 1 only), including 12 months' support: $3,500
- Pathway program from AIEMA to MIEMA/CEnv (Part 2 only), including 6 months' support: $2,000
- Best Value - There is additional value in booking this program together with Distance Learning Vocational Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health (HS70) for the combined fee of $7,999 USD.

To register or for more information, please email, call +918.828.2500 or toll free in North America +1.800.821.5933.