Advanced Well Control - AWC

Discipline: Well Construction/Drilling
Level: Specialized
Instructors who teach this course:
  • Mr. Richard S. Carden

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This course is designed to go a step beyond normal well control courses. It reviews classic pressure control procedures and covers non-classic well control procedures. After completing the course, the participant should not only know classic well control procedure but should thoroughly understand it. The instruction received in this seminar will enable the participants to evaluate kick situations to determine the safest means to handle the kick with equipment on hand, and handle confidently both principles of gas expansion and pressure and proper hands-on response on the chokes. All material contains the most up-to-date technology available in pressure control, both in theory and from hands-on experience, and comes from the instructor's extensive education and numerous experiences in well control. For in-house courses, the instructors of this course will accept examples from your company for analysis in the class as one of the demonstration exercises. Please contact PetroSkills Training for a list of the information and support data required, as well as the necessary lead-time.
Drilling, production and operations engineers, field supervisors, tool-pushers and managers with a good understanding of classic well control procedures
How To:
  • Properly design surface equipment
  • Apply classic pressure control procedures (Wait & Weight and Driller's Method)
  • Recognize causes and indications of a kick
  • Apply pressure control procedures while tripping
  • Recognize non-classic well control problems
  • Design and evaluate non-classic well control procedures
  • Interpret surface pressures and other well data
  • Apply fluid dynamics to well control
  • Evaluate and kill wells with underground blowouts
  • Use firefighting and capping procedures
  • Design relief well operations
  • Participants will learn how to:Equipment in well control
  • Causes and indications of a kick
  • Driller's and Wait and Weight method
  • Well control procedures while tripping, stripping and snubbing
  • Significance of surface pressures, safety factors
  • Killing a well off bottom
  • Plugged nozzles and drill string wash out
  • Analysis of classic well control procedures
  • Annular pressure profiles, theory and reality
  • Discussion of other well control methods
  • Slim hole drilling
  • Stripping with influx migration
  • Oil-base mud
  • Sub sea operations
  • Bull-heading, volumetric kill, dynamic kill and momentum kill
  • Firefighting, capping, freezing and hot tapping
  • Relief well design and operations
  • Underground blowouts
  • The oil fires of Kuwait