ArcGIS Coordinate Reference Systems for Petroleum - GISC

Discipline: Petroleum Data Management
Level: Foundation
Instructors who teach this course:
  • Ms. Fiona Buckingham
  • Mr. Simon Kettle
  • Mr. Mike Phillips
  • Dr. Devlyn Robson
  • Ms. Sharon Smith

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With a view to encouraging good practice within the oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) sector, the emphasis in this course is on developing the ArcGIS Desktop skills you need to successfully manage coordinate reference systems (CRS) issues within ArcView. All spatial data is concerned with location on the surface of the earth and this "position" is governed by the parameters of the CRS employed. If you do not manage coordinate reference systems correctly, your data could be incorrectly located with the potential for costly disasters and mistakes, such as drilling in the wrong location, damage to existing infrastructure, incorrect positioning of geohazards, interpretation and modeling in wrong location, and incorrect reserves calculation.
Data management, IT, geoscience, and other professionals and support staff who are going to be building and managing spatial data for specific projects, assets, or company-wide data stores and need to be able to acquire the relevant ArcGIS skills and knowledge.
How To:
  • Explore the benefits in applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to your petroleum workflows
  • Utilize ArcGIS functionality to import spatial and non-spatial databases; integrate, manage, and analyze data to produce information for decision making
  • Use industry standard ArcGIS tools, including ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and ArcToolbox
  • Develop the ArcGIS skills required to manage coordinate reference systems
  • Better understand petroleum CRS sector standards
  • Understand the workflows required to undertake datum transformations
  • Work through common problems encountered in oil and gas and develop a strategy for dealing with these issues
  • Properties of coordinate reference
  • Systems map projections and the ArcMap Data Frame
  • Exporting and projecting vector data
  • Raster datasets and coordinate reference systems
  • Datum transformations
  • The EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset