Coalbed Methane - CBM

Discipline: Reservoir Engineering / Unconventional Resources
Level: Specialized
Instructors who teach this course:
  • Mr. Jeffrey (Jeff) Aldrich
  • Mr. Timothy L. Hower
  • MHA Petroleum Consultants

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About the course Designed For You will learn Course Content
About the course
This two-day CBM course is designed to help attendees understand CBM production and assess CBM exploration and development opportunities. A set of course notes is provided, including a CD of Excel spreadsheets suitable for evaluating CBM gas in place and producability. Additional details can be added in any of the topics listed below for in-house presentations. This will extend the course from the current two-day public format to three or more days.
Designed For
Technical and managerial staff who need an understanding of coalbed methane (CBM) production and CBM exploration and development opportunities
You will learn
How To:
  • Understand coalbed methane production
  • Evaluate coalbed methane exploration and development opportunities
  • Interpret coal specific tests such as desorption tests, proximate analyses, sorption isotherms, and well tests
  • Compute gas in place and estimated ultimate recovery
  • Interpret coal well pilots
Course Content
  • Coal fundamentals and geology
  • Simulation of CBM recovery
  • Measurement of coalbed gas content
  • Isotherms, OGIP and recovery factor
  • Elements of a CBM deal
  • Coal well drilling and completion
  • Coal permeability
  • Classification of CBM reserves
  • CBM reservoir engineering
  • CBM pilot philosophies