Coalbed Methane - CBM

Discipline: Reservoir Engineering / Unconventional Resources
Level: Specialized
Instructors who teach this course:
  • Mr. Jeffrey (Jeff) Aldrich
  • Mr. Timothy L. Hower
  • MHA Petroleum Consultants

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This two-day CBM course is designed to help attendees understand CBM production and assess CBM exploration and development opportunities. A set of course notes is provided, including a CD of Excel spreadsheets suitable for evaluating CBM gas in place and producability. Additional details can be added in any of the topics listed below for in-house presentations. This will extend the course from the current two-day public format to three or more days.

"I like how everything was explained in order to understand the basics so we can learn more complex information. I think the quality of the course is very good so I'll be glad to take another one of unconventional resources." - Participant, Bogota

"I think it was very well covered and the visit to the CBM site was a good aspect for the course." - Geo Chemist, Mexico

Technical and managerial staff who need an understanding of coalbed methane (CBM) production and CBM exploration and development opportunities
How To:
  • Understand coalbed methane production
  • Evaluate coalbed methane exploration and development opportunities
  • Interpret coal specific tests such as desorption tests, proximate analyses, sorption isotherms, and well tests
  • Compute gas in place and estimated ultimate recovery
  • Interpret coal well pilots
  • Coal fundamentals and geology
  • Simulation of CBM recovery
  • Measurement of coalbed gas content
  • Isotherms, OGIP and recovery factor
  • Elements of a CBM deal
  • Coal well drilling and completion
  • Coal permeability
  • Classification of CBM reserves
  • CBM reservoir engineering
  • CBM pilot philosophies