Coiled Tubing Interventions - CTI

Discipline: Production and Completions Engineering
Level: Foundation
Instructors who teach this course:
  • Mr. Diego Londono

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About the course Designed For You will learn Course Content
About the course
Coiled Tubing is one of the most common technologies used for well Intervention on a daily basis throughout the oil industry. Its advantages and versatility make the use of the technology possible during the drilling, completion, and production phases of oil and gas wells around the world.

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the surface and pressure control equipment, as well as bottomhole assembly components used in a wide variety of coiled tubing applications, progressing from basic to complex interventions. Pumping and mechanical operations are also covered in detail, as well as drilling operations using coiled tubing, and how to prevent and deal with the negative effects of corrosion. Participants will learn how to estimate the operating limits and life of a coiled tubing string, how to do proper string management, and how to prepare appropriate checklists for job planning, equipment mobilization and rig up.

A brief discussion about nitrogen use and how to calculate required volumes is included, as well as extensive coverage of emergency responses and contingencies to deal with a wide variety of situations and scenarios. A generous amount of time is spent in practical exercises throughout the session, and technical concepts introduced by the instructor are enhanced with pictures, videos and numerous real field cases and problems.

By the end of the course participants will have gained the knowledge to actively and efficiently participate in actual job intervention operations, while minimizing the associated operational risks and maximizing the benefits of the application of the technology and the economics of the project.
Designed For
Drilling and completion engineers, production engineers, surface/subsurface engineers, operations engineers and service company managers, field engineers, supervisors and operators and those professionals willing to expand their knowledge in coiled tubing and nitrogen interventions planning, design and/or execution.
You will learn
How to:

  • Properly select or recommend coiled tubing and corresponding pressure control equipment for given field conditions and applications
  • Plan, design, manage, and execute operations using coiled tubing
  • Improve the overall operational performance during coiled tubing interventions
  • Select the most commonly used downhole tools and explain their function
  • Select and apply the appropriate barriers used to contain wellbore pressure during coiled tubing interventions
  • Select the appropriate size of accumulators for a particular coiled tubing unit
  • Calculate and define coiled tubing string limits
  • Recognize, prevent, and manage corrosive and sour conditions and their impact on coiled tubing applications
  • Take appropriate actions during emergency responses and contingencies
  • Work safely with liquid nitrogen
  • Calculate nitrogen volumes required for a given application
Course Content
  • Introduction
  • Surface equipment
  • Pressure control equipment
  • Bottomhole assembly components
  • Pumping operations
  • Mechanical operations
  • CT drilling operations
  • Coiled tubing strings
  • Operational limits
  • Life estimation (fatigue)
  • Corrosion
  • String management
  • Checklists
  • Nitrogen
  • Emergency responses and contingencies