Contractor Safety Management - HS46

Discipline: Health, Safety, Environment
Level: Foundation
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About the course
In many companies, contractors work 50%+ of the hours in the field. That is why it is important to prequalify, select, mobilize, execute, demobilize, and close out contracted activities to a high standard. An effective relationship between clients and contractors at all stages of the supply chain is essential for competently managing health and safety in a facility or project.

In just five-days, you will learn the processes for developing and managing a contractor safety management system based on recognized management systems, such as API Recommended Practice 2220 'Contractor Safety Performance Process' and OGP 'Guidelines for Working together in Contracting Environment.' The course includes knowledge development sessions, practical exercises and problem-solving set in a case study setting. The course concludes with a contractor pre-qualification, selection, and justification exercise.
Designed For
Project, procurement, and supply chain managers, HSE specialists, auditors, engineers, and supervisors who want to know how to manage contractors.
You will learn
How To:
  • Implement a contracting supply chain strategy based on the risks and benefits of outsourcing high risk, low risk, and specialist activities
  • Develop a contracting strategy based on pre-qualification
  • Prepare a program to initiate the use of competent contractors based on bid documents covering HSE and other relevant criteria
  • Communicate effectively with contractors, including reporting requirements for incidents and emergency preparedness
  • Identify the barriers that could prevent successful implementation of a contractor safety program, and how to overcome them
  • Develop a program for supply chain performance monitoring
  • Perform an effective contractor selection interview
  • Provide feedback likely to initiate improvement in contractors' performance
  • Use sector contractor management systems such as OGP 6.64/291, API standard 2220; and HSE management systems such as ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001 and HSG65 as methods for initiating and maintaining improvements in contractor performance
Course Content
  • Supply chain strategies
  • Management systems - API 2220, OGP guidelines, and others
  • Pre-qualification - bidding, evaluation criteria, appointment
  • Contractor selection
  • Mobilization, execution and demobilization
  • Supply chain performance monitoring and auditing
  • Final evaluation and close out