Effective Maintenance Shutdowns - OM-43

Discipline: Operations & Maintenance
Level: Foundation
Instructors who teach this course:
  • Mr. William (Bill) Keeter
  • Mr. Perry Lovelace

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About the course Designed For You will learn Course Content
About the course
This course is designed to teach the skills of maintenance shutdown management as described in the Facilities Maintenance Management Competency Map. You will develop shutdown planning strategies and will develop the organizational structure necessary for managing successful shutdowns. Case studies and real world examples will be used to reinforce the techniques learned in the course. Students will be asked to bring examples from their maintenance shutdown experiences to be used as case studies during the course.
Designed For
Maintenance, engineering, and operations personnel planning and managing effective maintenance shutdowns and includes key skills in maintenance planning and scheduling.
You will learn
How To:
  • Develop and control maintenance shutdown scope of work
  • Control work before and during the maintenance shutdown
  • Use available computerized scheduling tools
  • Use manpower planning and control methods
  • Measure progress of the maintenance shutdown
  • Manage worker productivity
  • Measure maintenance shutdown performance
  • Improve performance on future maintenance shutdowns
Course Content
  • Maintenance shutdown terms and basics
  • Shutdown planning strategy: establishing goals and objectives, working cooperatively across departments, developing maintenance shutdown procedures
  • Management planning: components of the maintenance shutdown plan, planning for effective communications
  • Developing a management strategy, organization, and roles and responsibilities
  • Work scope development and strategy
  • Planning and scheduling controls: participation and teamwork, the overall plan, specifying tasks, shutdown and start-up plans, work scheduling, optimizing the plan, handling emergent work, work control documents
  • Computerized scheduling tools
  • Manpower planning and control: using In-House resources, balancing teams and skills, managing scarce and critical resources