Environmental Management Systems - A Development Workshop - HS37

Discipline: Health, Safety, Environment
Level: Foundation
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Since its launch in 1996, more than 250,000 organizations around the world have become externally certified to ISO 14001, the leading international standard and specification for environmental management systems (EMS). This workshop provides the learning and copyright-free template documents necessary for developing and implementing an ISO 14001-based EMS for your own facility/ies. You should bring a site plan, and some process flowcharts, which will be used in a series of hands-on exercises throughout the class. You will leave the class with a developed, draft EMS manual. Arrangements for external audit by a certification body is left to the choice, convenience, and timing of the participant's organization. Of course, we cannot guarantee that you will achieve certification as we will not have been to site to verify practices there.
Business and other managers from large or small organizations who require the skills and support to develop a recognized EMS.
  • About environmental management system ISO 14001 (in the current version at the time of your attendance)
  • How to assess the major areas of their operations' interaction with the environment
  • Familiarizing with corporate and legal requirements for environmental compliance
  • The skills to plan and develop a documented EMS: Planning for EMS (allocating resources and developing an EMS schedule)
  • Identifying and prioritizing the environmental aspects and impacts of operations
  • Developing planning matrices for significant aspects by setting objectives, targets, management programs, and KPIs
  • Applying EMS to sample processes in various operational modes (normal, abnormal (start-up, shutdown), and emergency using process flow diagrams,
  • Modifying emergency response to accommodate EMS
  • Other EMS requirements including document control, internal auditing, demonstrating improvement
  • How to prepare a draft EMS manual based on our templates
  • Business risk and the environment
  • Management systems and ISO 14001
  • Environmental policy
  • EMS planning - aspects, impacts, legal, and other requirements
  • Resources and training
  • Communication, documentation, and document control
  • Monitoring and measurement
  • EMS auditing and environmental improvement