Horizontal Well Placement in Heavy Oil Reservoirs - HOWP

Discipline: Geology / Integrated - Heavy Oil
Level: Foundation
Instructors who teach this course:
  • Mr. Jeff Webber

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About the course
Conventional hydrocarbon resources are becoming more and more elusive with each passing year. Many oil and gas companies are reverting to heavy oil or bitumen as 'Resource' plays to be exploited. Often, the technical challenge lies in how best to extract the reserves. Optimal placement of a horizontal or deviated wellbore can impact the economics significantly. This course uses real examples to demonstrate some of the challenges faced, and progressive group and team exercises to learn the skills needed to plan and coordinate the geological aspects of horizontal drilling.
Designed For
Geoscientists, technologists, and/or junior engineers involved in planning and implementing deviated or horizontal drilling programs.
You will learn
How To:
  • Distinguish and understand which information is pertinent when working with drillers to plan your well path
  • Communicate effectively as part of a multidisciplinary team in order to make timely, effective decisions, then implement them
  • Interpret surveys and log data in real time during drilling in order to understand the position of your well versus the planned trajectory, and/or the planned position within the reservoir
  • Compare the resulting logs against modelled responses in order to determine whether your current well path needs to be adjusted
  • Evaluate the resulting data set to prepare recommendations for placement of perforations post drill
Course Content
  • Fundamentals of directional drilling, motors, bent housings, and rotary steerable systems
  • Measurement while drilling tools surveys, and logging while drilling tools
  • Nuances of directional drilling; stick slip, dogleg severity, and ellipses of uncertainty
  • Well planning and 'Geo-Steering'
  • Landing intermediate casing, and extrapolating to the bit, then drilling out
  • Class and team example wells - with post well review and perforation discussion