Multiphase Flow in Production Operations - MFP

Discipline: Production and Completions Engineering
Level: Foundation
Instructors who teach this course:
  • Dr. Omar Barkat

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About the course
Multiphase flow seems to be inevitable during the production of oil and gas. It is becoming more problematic as we are producing from low-pressure reservoirs and/or heavy oils and moving them directly to a central production station. This course presents an improved understanding of multiphase flow in wells and upstream surface transfer systems. This is a true integrated multiphase flow in production systems course. Participants will spend a considerable amount of time dealing with practical applications. Trainees will gain experience in solving problems by hand through the use of spreadsheets and other tools. Participants identify parameters minimizing production loss and controlling operating cost. It covers many field application examples and problems to illustrate key points. Participants will leave this session with a better understanding of the design and operation of multiphase flow systems resulting in huge production cost savings.

One personal computer is provided, at additional cost, for each two participants.
Designed For
Surface and sub-surface engineers, operations engineers, reservoir engineers, petroleum engineers, production technical consultants and other production professionals who have an interest in multiphase flow during the production life cycle of a field.
You will learn
How To:
  • Perform basic calculations of multiphase flow systems during production
  • Manage multiphase flow systems from the reservoir to the sales point
  • Deal with the variables unique to multiphase flows during production
  • Describe the effect of flow variables on the transport of produced fluids
  • Utilize multiphase flow problem solving methods
  • Prevent and/or mitigate problematic multiphase flow situations
  • Competently design multiphase transport systems in production operations
Course Content
  • PVT properties for multiphase flows
  • Fundamentals and principles of multiphase flows
  • Multiphase flows in production tubing and casing (horizontal, vertical, and inclined)
  • Multiphase flows in pipelines and transportation systems
  • Multiphase flow constraints and flow though restrictions
  • Discuss the limitations of some tools used to solve multiphase flow problems
  • Production delivery assurance under multiphase flow conditions
  • Production assurance considerations in conceptual design and operations