NGL Fractionation & Cryogenic NGL Recovery for Operations & Maintenance - OT-42

Discipline: Operations & Maintenance
Level: Foundation
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About the course Designed For You will learn Course Content
About the course
This course will provide the basic knowledge required for understanding operating issues in cryogenic NGL (Natural Gas Liquids) extraction and stabilization/fractionation. Course content is non-mathematical and customizable to client needs.
Designed For
Plant and facility operations and maintenance technicians, supervisors, and managers.
You will learn
  • To use hydrocarbon system language
  • Basic principles of gas processing
  • The physical properties of natural gas and NGL components
  • Practical application of the principles of hydrocarbon phase behavior
  • Principles, operation, and troubleshooting of mechanical refrigeration systems
  • Operating principles and issues in gas expansion NGL recovery (turboexpander and J-T valve) processes
  • Operating principles and techniques for NGL stabilization and fractionation
Course Content
  • Hydrocarbon systems: reservoir fluids
  • Hydrocarbon series: paraffins
  • Physical properties of hydrocarbons
  • Fluid properties: VLE, vapor pressure, boiling point, etc.
  • Pressure-temperature phase diagrams (phase envelopes)
  • Application of phase envelopes: hydrocarbon dew point control, equilibrium stage concepts, flash separators, and fractionators
  • Mechanical refrigeration: principles and equipment
  • Tray-type towers; packed towers
  • Components of turboexpander
  • NGL recovery plants
  • Turboexpander-compressor and utilities
  • Principles of gas expansion
  • NGL recovery and process variations
  • Stabilizers, fractionators, and fractionation trains
  • The basic fractionator and operator control techniques
  • Troubleshooting