Oil and Gas Processing Facilities for Operations & Maintenance - OT-1

Discipline: Operations & Maintenance
Level: Basic
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This course will provide the basic knowledge required for understanding processes and operating issues common to gas processing facilities. Course content is customizable to client needs.

"I found this course very informative. I would definitely recommend this course to all. The instructor is a great teacher!!" - Participant, United States

Facility operators who require a working knowledge of the various processes used in production fluid conditioning and processing, including the common operational difficulties that may arise and operational tactics used to resolve them. Also suitable for maintenance technicians, supervisors, and managers, as well as other non-engineering personnel who would benefit in an understanding of gas processing techniques that can be applied in their daily work activities.
  • About the effects of produced fluid (OGW) compositions on facility design and operation
  • About various separation and conditioning processes for meeting specifications on oil, gas, and produced water streams
  • Refrigeration 4-cycle process and application of economizers to the refrigeration process
  • To understand how to operate facilities so as to minimize processing costs
  • How to apply course material to troubleshooting gas conditioning and process anomalies
  • Basic chemistry and physical principles related to hydrocarbons
  • Quick overview of gas processing
  • Phase behavior fundamentals
  • Mass transfer operations
  • Amine gas sweetening
  • Water-hydrocarbon behavior, including hydrate formation
  • TEG gas dehydration
  • Solid bed adsorbers
  • Mechanical refrigeration
  • Gas expansion NGL recovery (turbo expanders and Joule-Thompson effect)
  • NGL stabilization and fractionation
  • Claus sulfur recovery
  • Specific to Geographical Regions: Stavanger/Aberdeen - Typical North Sea oil and gas producing operations, produced water treating, seawater treating, and other offshore topics of general interest
  • Brisbane - Gas processing and introduction to liquefied natural gas (LNG) processes
  • Midland - Gas conditioning and processing, sour gas treating, and sulfur recovery
  • Pittsburgh - Mechanical refrigeration principles and equipment, NGL fractionation, and cryogenic NGL recovery