Overview of the Natural Gas Business and Basics of Gas Processing - G-1

Discipline: Gas Processing
Level: Basic
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This course is designed for a broad, non-technical audience requiring an overview of the gas processing industry, including the types of equipment and processes that are used.

"I liked the fact that the course was taught by a technical expert, but still with understanding of contracts and marketing processes. " - Distribution Administrator, United States

General administration and supervisory, non-technical management personnel, as well as anyone that could benefit from a broad overview of important aspects of the gas processing industry.
  • An overview of natural gas and world energy trends
  • Natural gas sources, compositions, and product specifications, and related oil and gas terminology
  • Markets and uses for NGL, LPG, ethane, propane, and butane
  • How gas is transported and sold
  • Non-technical fundamentals of technology and processes
  • Why various treatment processes and technologies are selected for differing gas compositions and processing applications
  • Natural gas and world energy trends
  • The role of gas processing in the natural gas value chain
  • Gas sweetening
  • Gas hydrates and dehydration
  • Gas conditioning (dew point control) and NGL extraction
  • Stabilization and fractionation
  • Gas processing key equipment and support systems (heat transfer, compression, pipelines and gathering systems, and measurements)
  • Specialty processes in gas processing (LNG, nitrogen rejection and helium recovery, sulfur recovery, and acid gas injection)