Production Logging - RMP

Discipline: Production and Completions Engineering / Reservoir Engineering
Level: Intermediate
Instructors who teach this course:
  • Dr. Ahmed Badruzzaman

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About the course Designed For You will learn Course Content
About the course
Production logging refers to a suite of logs that are normally run on completed injection or production wells to evaluate the performance of the well itself or of the reservoir as a whole. Other production logs can evaluate the well completion or look behind pipe to evaluate the formation and its fluids in the near-well vicinity. Production logs are playing an increasing role in modern reservoir management by providing the only means of identifying downhole fluid movements directly. This course will cover fluid flow in pipes (both single and multiphase flow), the theoretical bases of production logging techniques, production log interpretation, and operational considerations. Numerous field examples are used to illustrate the principles of production log interpretation. One personal computer is provided, at additional cost, for each two participants.
Designed For
Petroleum and drilling engineers and managers, reservoir engineers, production engineers/technologists, petrophysicists, log analysts, and anyone interested in understanding what production logs and cased-hole surveys.
You will learn
How To:
  • Select the most appropriate production logging services for well diagnosis and reservoir surveillance
  • Define injection well profiles using temperature, radioactive tracer, and spinner flowmeters
  • Measure zonal inflows in production wells using temperature logs
  • Locate behind-pipe channels with temperature, tracer, or noise logs
  • Apply combinations of flowmeters, fluid density, and fluid capacitance logs to measure multiphase flow profiles
  • Interpret cement bond logs and ultrasonic logs to determine cement quality
  • Measure flow inside and outside casing with pulsed neutron tools
  • Apply specialty tools for flow profiling in horizontal wells
Course Content
  • Problem identification and solution with production logs
  • Temperature logs
  • Radioactive tracer logs
  • Spinner flowmeter logs
  • Log combinations for injection well profiling
  • Multiphase flow effects
  • Deflector or basket flowmeters
  • Fluid density logs
  • Fluid capacitance logs
  • Slip velocity correlations
  • Multiphase log interpretation
  • Noise logs
  • Cement bond logs
  • Ultrasonic pulse-echo logs
  • Pulsed neutron logs for flow identification
  • Horizontal well production logs