Technical Limit - TL

Discipline: Well Construction/Drilling
Level: Foundation
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Technical Limit workshops are typically held early in the project development and planning cycle. The primary deliverable of this effort is an assessment of approaches to project design and execution to breakthrough improvements in performance. The multi-discipline project team agrees on project objectives and evaluates various strategies to achieve those objectives. Issues considered often include technical design philosophies, timing and schedules, required resources, logistics, scoping costs, and expected barriers to success. All Technical Limit Workshops are customized to address the requirements of the drilling or completion project facing the team.
Participants comprise a multi-discipline leadership team including drilling and completion engineers, reservoir and production engineers, geoscientists, drilling supervisors and superintendents and asset management from the operator, drilling contractor personnel from rig manager to driller, and service company personnel focused on planning
How To:
  • Identify limiting factors to historical performance and opportunities to deliver a higher level of performance through innovation.
  • Identify new technology or procedure applications that might enable improved performance.
  • Apply actions required to evaluate the identified opportunities and decide on a final project plan.
  • Ensure team is organized to implement historical lessons learned as well as capture and share lessons learned regarding new technology applications.
  • Communicate and use expectations of management and the project leadership teams related to:HSE performance
  • Time and cost performance
  • Key performance indicators