Our instructors include the leading technical experts in the petroleum industry. Most are consultants who work on the leading edge of technology, addressing the most pressing challenges the industry faces today.

In the PetroSkills Instructor Training Program, our instructors learn to be superb teachers – experts in active learning. In classes and field trips around the world, they provide an experience that is engaging, practical and 100% relevant for oil and gas professionals throughout the industry.



Mr. Kadir Abdul
Mr. Ian Allahar
Ralph Allen
Dr. Rosalind Archer
Mr. Andrew Arkinstall
Mr. Stephen Walter Asbury
Dr. Frank Ashford
Mr. Stanley L. Atnipp
Dr. JJ Azar
Jonathan Backhouse
Dr. Asnul Bahar
Mr. James Baldwin
Mr. Richard Dean Ball
Dr. Omar Barkat
Mr. Garry Barnes
Mr. Michael Barnes
Mr. Paul M. Barry
Mr. Peter Bartok
Jim Beasley
Mr. Michael R. Berry
Dr. Robert C. Bever
Mr. Chris F. Bird
Mr. Gary Blackburn
Mr. James Bobo
Robert Bombardieri
Mr. Mark Bothamley
Mr. John C. Bourdon
Mr. Justin Bourgeois
Mr. Robert E. Boyd
Dr. Steven E. Boyer
Mr. J. Ford Brett
Luis Javier Brito-Pino
Mr. Larry K. Britt
Mr. Joseph (Jos) Buntinx
Dr. John Burrell
Mr. Jim D. Cain
Mr. Jerry Calvert
Mr. John M. Campbell Specialist
Mr. Richard S. Carden
Mr. Paul Carmody
Mr. Keith C. Carr
Stephen Carr
Mr. Ajey Chandra
Dr. Andrew Chen
Mr. Satinder Chopra
Mr. Alexandre Chwetzoff
Mr. Stewart Clarke
Jimmy Clary
Mr. Peter J Cockcroft
Mr. Gerald R. Coulter
Mr. Mick Crabtree
Mr. Pierre Crevier
Dr. Bryan T. Cronin
John Curry
Mr. Ralph Dartez
Dr. Akhil Datta-Gupta
Dr. Mojdeh Delshad
Ken Delve
Mr. Kris Digre
Mr. John F. Dillon
Dr. Iskander R. Diyashev
Mr. William Dokianos
Mr. Christopher Dougherty
Ms. Kerry Jane Edwards
Mr. Greg Ernster
Mr. Robert Fanning
Mr. John R Farina
Wolfgang Foerg
Michael Forsthoffer
Mr. William (Bill) E. Forsthoffer
Mr. Alan Foster
Mr. Eric A. Foster
Ms. Laura S. Foulk
Ronald Frend
Mr. Paul S. Gardner
Terry N. Gardner
Mr. David A. Gemmill
Dr. Ali Ghalambor
Josh Gilad
Mr. Jeremy (Jerry) J. Gilbert
Dr. J. Robert Gochnour
Mr. Curtis Golike
Dr. G. Michael Grammer
Dr. James W. Granath
Mr. W. Gordon Graves
Dr. Ton Grimberg
Dr. Richard H. Groshong
Mr. Mark S. Hackler
Gerard Hageman
Mr. David Hairston
Mr. Andrew S. Harper
Dr. W. Greg Hazlett
Mr. Norman W. Hein
Mr. Richard S Henry
Mr. Doug Hildenbrand
Dr. A. Daniel Hill
Mr. Ron Hinn
Bob Hlozek
Mr. Brian A. Hodgson
Mr. William (Bill) D. Holmes
Mr. Glenn Hood
Frank Hopf
Mr. Timothy L. Hower
Mr. Robert A. Hubbard
Mr. William E. Hughes
Dr. Chun Huh
Mr. Frank Jarrett
Mr. Glenn Jelinski
Mr. Alfred R. Jennings
Robin Jentz
Mr. Stephen Jewell
Dr. Russell T Johns
Dr. Howard D. Johnson
Mr. Jack R. Jones
Mr. Morgan L. Jones
Dr. Satish K. Kalra
Mr. E. John Keasberry
Mr. William Keeter
Dr. Mohan G. Kelkar
Mr. Albin K. Kerekes
Ms. Bibi C. Kerekes
Mr. Arshad Khan
Mr. Aaron Klein
Mr. Stanley W. Kleinsteiber
Dr. Thijs Koeling
Mr. Dale Kraus
Mr. Dale Kunz
Dr. Larry W. Lake
Dr. James F. Lea
Mr. Christopher D. Lennon
Mr. Larry Lens
Dr. D. Andy Link
Mr. Robert (Bob) G. Lippincott
Mr. John Logel
Mr. Alain Louis
Mr. Ronald Louth
Mr. Perry Lovelace
Dr. Catalina M. Luneburg
Mr. Ken Lunsford
Dr. Heloise Lynn
Dr. Walter S. Lynn
Ms. Shelly MacKenzie
Mr. Donald S. Macpherson
Mr. Harvey Malino
Mr. Stephen E. Malkewicz
Dr. Andrea Mangiavacchi
Mr. John Martinez
Dr. Mark A. McCaffrey
Mr. William (Bill) McKee
Mr. Steve McKeever
Dr. Howard L. McKinzie
Mr. Jeffrey S. McMullan
Yuv Raj Mehra
MHA Petroleum Consul
Mr. Abdelmeged Marouf Mohamed
Dr. Kishore K. Mohanty
Mr. Carl Thomas Montgomery
Dr. Clyde H. Moore
Mr. Hector C. Moreno
Mr. John Morgan
Mr. James D Morse
Mr. Ted Mortenson
Dr. Mahmood Moshfeghian
Mr. Larry Moyer
Dr. David R. Muerdter
Mr. David Patrick Murphy
Mr. Manickavasakan Nadar
Dr. Charles (Chuck) H. Neuman
Mr. Ralph Neumann
Mr. John Robert (Bob) Nichol
Mr. Tim Nieman
Mr. Mike Noel-Smith
Ronnie Norvell
Dr. Phillip K. Notz
Mr. Kyle O'Leary
Mr. Jack Z. Orr
Mr. William K. Ott
Dr. Jim M. Peden
Mr. Maximiliaan (Max) Peeters
Dr. David Pelton
Mr. Dennis Perry
Mr. Roberto Peveraro
Dr. John D. Pigott
Jason Pingenot
Mr. William (Bill) E. Powell
Gerard Prendergast
Dr. Dennis Prezbindowski
Jay Rajani
Mr. Francis Rambaransingh
Mr. Erich Ramon Ramp
Mr. Jack Ranucci
Dr. Clifford L. Redus
Dr. Gary W. Reid
Mr. William J. Renner
John Riggs
Dr. Grant E. Robertson
Dr. Leon H. Robinson
George Rodenbusch
Mr. Gerry H. Ross
Alan Royer
Mr. Robert Sadowski
Mr. William Sambrook
Dr. Kent Saugier
Dr. Helmy Sayyouh
Dr. Donald D. Schmidt
Mr. Richard H. Schroeder
Mr. John Schuyler
Mr. John C. Scruton-Wilson
Dr. Richard D. Seba
Dr. John P. Seidle
Dr. Subhash N. Shah
Dr. Mukul M. Sharma
Mr. John Sheffield
Mr. Jerald L. Shursen
Mr. Stanford A. Siemens
Mr. Les Skinner
Dr. Robert A. Skopec
Dr. George Slater
Dr. John S. Sneider
Kindra Marie Snow-McGregor
Dr. Carl Sondergeld
Kenneth Sourisseau
PetroSkills Specialist
Dr. John P. Spivey
Dr. Dwight Sukup
Mr. Marc Summers
Dr. John Sumner
Mr. Ian Stuart Sutton
Dr. Tom J. Temples
Mr. David TenHoor
Dr. Lawrence W. Teufel
Dr. E. C. Thomas
Dr. John (Jack) B. Thomas
Buck Titsworth
Mr. P. Kyle Travis
Mr. Herman Vacca
Mr. Hector Hugo Vargas
Paul Verrill
Dr. William J. Wade
Mr. Robert M. Wagner
Dr. David (Dave) Waldren
Stuart Watson
Mr. Andy Weavill
Mr. Robert (Bob) V. Westermark
Dr. Brian Williams
Mr. Peter Williams
Mr. Ronn Williamson
Mr. Scott J. Wilson
Mr. Larry Wolfson
Mr. Richard G. Wright
Mr. Wes Wright
Mr. Clyde Young
Dr. Ding Zhu


PetroSkills takes pride in an unparalleled instructor network of over 240 of the brightest minds in the business. Although their background and experience are as diverse as the industry itself, they all have one thing in common – an ability to effectively communicate their technical expertise in an engaging and lasting way.


PetroSkills instructors have access to high quality content and course material resources, as well as a benchmark instructor development program. They also have the support of a training department designed to work out the logistics and take care of the details necessary to make the teaching experience both fulfilling and seamless.


If you have the rare combination of technical competency, deep experience, and passion for teaching others, we would love to hear from you.

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