PetroSkills Competency Management - Enabling flexible usage

The web-based Compass solution is designed to work across platforms ranging from smartphones to desktop computers. This enables your workers to access Compass using the technology that is most convenient for them, making it easier to keep up with learning tasks. Compass also includes user-friendly dashboards for supervisors so they can identify skills and capabilities gaps and instantly answer questions about the status of an employee or team.

PetroSkills Engineer career development planScenario 1:
Creating a development plan for an early career engineer

  1. Tailored PetroSkills Competency Map: the job position competencies are assigned to the employee in Compass using customized PetroSkills CMaps.
  3. Employee self-assessment: the young engineer performs a self-assessment in Compass, reading the objective-based competencies and deciding if he/she has all of the described skills (I know this or can do this) or only a few of them (I really do not know this or cannot yet do this). The self-assessment step is important as it encourages the young engineer to take an active role in developing his/her skills and career.
  5. Supervisor assessment: the individual’s supervisor or mentor performs a cross-assessment in Compass. This, along with the gaps shown during the self-assessment, provides an excellent format for the engineer and the supervisor or mentor to have a development discussion.
  7. Skill gap analysis: using the gap analysis feature in Compass, the engineer and the supervisor or mentor can review the gaps and determine the best development activities to close the gaps.
  9. Professional development plan: using the development activities linked in Compass to the competencies (such as e-learning opportunities, instructor-led classes, work assignments and on-the-job training), the engineer and the supervisor or mentor can quickly identify the most appropriate solutions and add them to the Compass development plan schedule.
  11. Development plan implementation: the engineer and the supervisor or mentor use the development plan to manage the closing of the skill gaps, updating the self-assessment and cross-assessment as and when required.
  13. Documentation: where appropriate, the employee can upload documentation demonstrating attainment of skills. Companies can use this documentation to prove their employees are qualified to do their jobs.
  15. Management reporting: with Compass, company managers can create reports about competency at the individual, group and managerial level. This information can aid them in strategic planning and in understanding the development needs of all of their employees.


PetroSkills Plant Operator career development planScenario 2:
Performing and documenting knowledge tests and a capability assessment for a plant operator

  1. Tailored PetroSkills Competency Map: the operator is assigned a set of tasks (competencies) for the next development period.
  3. Professional development plan - the operator is assigned with a learning solution that may include e-learning opportunities, instructor-led classes or on-the job training.
  5. Knowledge test: once the learning is complete, the operator completes a knowledge test that is conducted either within Compass or outside the solution. If taken externally, the test results can be uploaded to Compass as evidence.
  7. Work experience: the operator completes assigned on-the-job training that is based on the tasks assigned in Compass.
  9. Capability assessment: the final stage is for the operator to complete a workplace capability assessment for the task or tasks that is conducted by an assessor or other approved person. The assessment may be made using paper, video or other forms of documentation, but in all cases the evidence is recorded in Compass to provide an auditable record of the assessment.