Progression Maps allow participants to see how courses fit together, identify gaps, and customize their courses of study to meet present or future job requirements. Managers can use the maps to chart a course for employees and make sure training plans address the needs of the organization.

Choose a course of study below, and a progression map will identify the skills that need to be mastered at each stage of professional development for that discipline. Progression maps are also available for download in Excel

Exploration & Production                                                            Facilities

Introductory/Multi-Discipline                                                          Gas Processing Engineering

Geophysics                                                                                           Process Facilities Engineering

Geology                                                                                                  Offshore Engineering

Petrophysics                                                                                         Pipeline Engineering

Well Construction/Drilling

Production & Completions Engineering                                     Health, Safety, Environment

Reservoir Engineering                                                                      Health, Safety, Environment

Unconventional Resources

Integrated - Heavy Oil

Petroleum Business                                                                         Petroleum Professional Development

Project Management                                                                        Petroleum Professional Development

Petroleum Data Management