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PetroSkills courses cover virtually every technical discipline, learning style and level of competency, from basic awareness through mastery.  Learning what you need to know, at the right depth.

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PetroSkills oil and gas courseThe depth and business-relevance of our course content are unsurpassed. Only PetroSkills courses are developed in collaboration with the PetroSkills Alliance – the industry’s most authoritative voice concerning what oil and gas professionals really need to know today


PetroSkills instructors are world class experts, practitioners in their fields who have learned to be superb teachers in our instructor training program. We believe in learning that is active, stimulating, flexible and designed to accommodate all learning styles.


Download Course Catalogs and Schedules


Attend in person for a course experience like no other.

Innovation at PetroSkills makes it easy to reach your competency goals on any scale. We can deliver the training you need – how, when and where you need it. PetroSkills conducts over 1,700 public and in-house course sessions every year in locations around the world.  With subject matter that is completely current and meticulously prepared, the experience is active, stimulating and relevant from the first minute of class to the last.



Participants work side-by-side with professionals who are similarly motivated, under the guidance of a world-class expert. For many, this is the start of long-term professional relationships with the instructor and their peers.


All participants receive a superb set of reference materials.  (For those attending remotely, course materials are delivered prior to the session date.)  The quality and value of these materials make them a “go to” professional reference of enormous value.  Afterward, participants can access these materials – and much more – through PetroCore Reference, the online, 24/7 reference resource.

PetroFlex. Attend courses without the time and expense of travel.

PetroFlex™ courses allow participants to attend live, instructor-led programs from anywhere in the world. These are live scheduled classes, allowing real-time interaction with the instructor and fellow students, just as though everyone was sitting in the same room.

This innovative learning environment is:


  • Convenient – attend classes wherever and whenever you want
  • Flexible – sign up for a wider range of classes since it’s so easy to participate
  • Cost effective – eliminate travel costs and reduce time away from work or home
  • Accessible – participate anywhere basic internet is available, no software required


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Field Trips – Classrooms without walls.

Putting knowledge to work is our mission at PetroSkills. The following courses include a field trip module that dissolves the divider between the classroom and the real world. 


Basic Petroleum Geology – BG


Deep-water Turbidite Depositional Systems and Reservoirs – DWT


Drilling Fluids Technology – DFT


Naturally Fractured Reservoirs: Geologic and Engineering Analysis – FR


North Sea Petroleum Geology: Integrated Classroom, Core Store and Field Analogue on Reservoir Deposystems - NSPG


Petroleum Geology for Early Career Geoscientists and Engineers - PGGE


Sequence Stratigraphy: An Applied Workshop


Structural and Stratigraphic Interpretation of Dipmeters and Borehold-Imaging Logs - SSI



PetroSkills Course Progression Maps show how courses relate to each other within a specific technical discipline and closely related disciplines. Whether you’re planning a single career or developing a training plan for a team, these maps show you the big picture.