Applied Reservoir Engineering – Volumes 1 & 2

This two-volume set of books illustrates the practical application of physical principles involved in primary recovery of oil and gas. Examples and procedures for solution of common problems are covered. The first few chapters stress fundamentals and provide the basis for a thorough understanding of the data needed in reservoir engineering studies. Recovery mechanisms are introduced and steady-state flow concepts and equations are discussed. Volumetric calculations, material balance, and immiscible displacement processes are then presented. Individual chapters are devoted to the analysis of common drive mechanisms.


Volume 1 – Geology; Properties of Reservoir Rocks; Fluid Properties; Reservoir Volumetrics; Gas Reservoirs; Gas Condensate Reservoirs; Fluid Flow in Reservoirs; Oil Reservoir Drive Mechanisms; Solution Gas Drive Reservoirs; Multizone Reservoir Performance; Immiscible Fluid Displacement Mechanisms; Nomenclature.

Volume 2 – Analysis of Water Drive Reservoirs; Water Coning and Fingering; Gas-Cap Drive; Combination Drive Reservoirs; Pressure Transient Analysis; Introduction to Computer Reservoir Simulation; Nomenclature.

Authors: Charles R. Smith, G. W. Tracy, and R. Lance Farrar
Vol. 1 - 480 pages
Vol. 2 - 408 pages
Published 1992; Seventh Printing - Sept. 2010

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