Unconventional Surface facilities design tips

Presented by: Mr. James Langer


 Solutions that reduce downtime, increase revenue and safeguard your people and assets. 

Your surface facilities are working as designed. The problem is the design.


Part 1: How I almost died 20 years ago

Discover how I almost died offshore 20 years ago and learn from the mistakes that were made.

• Gain a general overview of the design issues

• Discuss process safety solutions



Part 2: Crude Oil Stabilization Issues

This section discusses what you can do to improve your system's performance in the winter and avoid shutting in production.  It also explains why some designs are having issues and practical solutions for modifying them. You will learn new designs and design elements to improve your field facilities performance. 



Part 3: Heater treater Burner Failures

Learn about a safety issue of TVP and RVP tanks, heater treater burner failures and modifications to prevent fire tube burner failures and fires. 



This webinar series is based on James Langer's  August Tip of the Month. Stay tuned for more on-demand webinars coming soon!

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