6 Nov, 2017

Correlations for Vapor Pressure of Crude Oil Measured by Expansion Method (VPCRX)

This Tip of The Month (TOTM) will present simple correlations for determination of TVP and RVPE (Reid Vapor Pressure Equivalent) as described by ASTM Standard D6377 at a specified temperature.

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26 Oct, 2017

Virtual Training

Interested in virtual training? Learn about all our available courses, dates and training benefits.

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3 Oct, 2017

Effect of CO2 on the TEG Vaporization Losses

This Facilities Tip of the Month investigates the effect of CO2 in the feed gas, stripping gas rate and the effect of the triethylene glycol (TEG) mass circulation ratio on the TEG vaporization loss from the regenerator and contactor columns top.

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2 Oct, 2017

Reduce Non-productive Time by Understanding Differential Sticking

This Subsurface Tip of the Month (TOTM) focuses on how to reduce non-productive time by understanding differential sticking. Learn about the five events that cause differential sticking, the conditions in which they occur and actions that can be taken to prevent differential sticking from developing.

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20 Sep, 2017

2018 Training Schedule

PetroSkills is excited to announce the 2018 training schedule! With hundreds of courses spanning the oil industry value chain, you can find the course you need, where you need it.

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