Console Operator Simulator Training

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Our Hands On Training System contains a broad range of high fidelity process models and realistic DCS system emulations which have been integrated into a network based, fully automated training system that includes detailed training exercises, comprehensive on-line help, self and graded evaluations, and the recording of test scores and results.


About Our Operator Training System

Our automated system frees up available simulator Instructors for more coaching and advising, and/or allows for complete self-paced, self-study and practice. Immediately after taking a classroom or network based course on theory, operators can see this theory put into action through the use of our dynamic and realistic simulator training exercises.


Operator Training Simulators

Simulation Solutions offers a wide variety of Process Simulators which include both a DCS component and a Virtual Reality Outside Operator. This Outside Operator is fully integrated with the DCS side of the Simulator. Trainees will explore the Virtual Reality Outside Operator and be able to operate all pieces of equipment that are represented on the DCS. Actions performed in the Outside Operator (Opening of Valves, Pumps, Controllers) are reflected in real time on the DCS schematics, and vice versa.

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Operator Training Simulation Courses

2-Day courses allow Operators to improve their skills using generic training Simulators. Simulation Solutions uses a unique blend of DCS Simulation, a Virtual Reality “Outside Operator,” and comprehensive Laboratory Exercise Booklets in order to help Operators develop new Operating Mechanics as well as a new Operations Mindset.

Fractionation Operations for Early-Career Engineers

Basic Refinery & Petrochemical Operations

Batch Operations

Furnace Operations

Plant Utilities

Power Plant Operations

Pumps & Compressor

Training Resources

Laboratory Exercise Booklets with INSTO™ Methodology

Simulation Solutions believes the implementation of your Training Simulator is just as important as the software itself. Every Simulator Program is accompanied by Instructor and Student Laboratory Exercise Booklets which feature our INSTO™ Methodology. These Exercise Booklets utilize both the DCS and Virtual Reality components of the Simulator and have trainees work through 5 major phases: Identification, Normal Operations, Startup & Shutdown, Troubleshooting, and Optimization.

Minds-On / Hands-On™ Training

Through Classroom and Industry teaching, Simulation Solutions has developed a Minds-On / Hands-On™ approach to Simulator Training. Our many styles of Exercises encourage trainees to first predict what may happen if a Unit sees a disturbance or failure. Next trainees can run this Exercise on their Simulator. Trainees then Report back what they have found, and a Discussion takes place to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Instructor Resources

Simulation Solutions recognizes the importance of Instructors who deliver Simulator Training. Through delivering Courses with these same Simulators ourselves, we have developed numerous Instructor Resources which are included in the Instructor Exercise Booklets. These include visual recaps of each Exercise which cater to all types of learners.