Managing Brownfield Projects - FPM42

Discipline: Project Management
Level: Intermediate
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This course is designed to teach the skills necessary to effectively plan and manage Brownfield projects or those in existing facilities. This includes due diligence of existing infrastructure, framing the project, concept selection techniques, managing stakeholders, and integration with Operations led projects. The course focuses on the unique challenges of Brownfield projects and how project leaders can effectively work in this Operations-centric project environment. Exercises, the case study, and discussions make the sessions challenging and insightful.

"Very interesting and enough case studies." - Petroleum Engineer, Nigeria

"Great info! Gives a bigger picture to the world of projects." - Participant, United States

This course is designed for project managers, project engineers, operations staff, and all disciplines that work on integrated project teams for Brownfield onshore and offshore projects that are installed in existing facilities. This course addresses the unique aspects of a Brownfield project and why it must be managed differently than a Greenfield project. Case studies include modification to offshore structures as well as onshore projects.
How To:
  • Plan and deliver a Brownfield project
  • Effectively management Brownfield project challenges
  • Apply the unique stage elements of a Brownfield project
  • Utilize methods for conducting facility due diligence and why this is critical to project success
  • Establish a project oversight board to ensure alignment among all stakeholders
  • Skills to develop, gain stakeholder alignment, and control a Brownfield scope of work
  • Develop a contracting strategy for a Brownfield project
  • Address the unique constructability issues associated with a Brownfield project
  • Ensure that operations staff align with project objectives
  • Brownfield stage gate system
  • Brownfield project challenges
  • Staffing the Brownfield project team
  • Communications management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Concept selection and Brownfield projects
  • Key value improving practices for Brownfield projects
  • The importance of due diligence on the existing facility
  • Quality management in engineering, procurement, and construction
  • Brownfield projects and risk
  • Change management
  • Contract strategy and contractor selection
  • Procurement, logistics, and material management
  • Construction management and HSE
  • Managing cost/schedule stakeholder expectations for a Brownfield project
  • Performance reporting
  • Commissioning and startup
  • Roles and qualities of successful project managers