Frank Ashford

DR. FRANK E. ASHFORD has over 50 years' experience in oil and gas reservoir engineering, downhole and surface design and operations, as well as oil and gas conditioning and producing facilities. He has been with PetroSkills since 1988 and has worked extensively in most energy producing countries throughout the world. He provides instruction fluently in either English, Spanish, or Portuguese based on material originally prepared in English or Spanish, but presented in the native language requested. He worked with Gulf Research (GR&DC) in Houston, Texas where he developed many reservoir engineering laboratory techniques for the determination of applicable oil/gas/water relative permeability correlations, and choke performance prediction techniques still in application today. Previously, Dr. Ashford was a Professor of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering at the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas, where he taught various courses in natural gas engineering technology. He was a founder of the Petroleum Engineering Department in INTEVEP, the research Institute for PDVSA (Venezuela). He was a participant in the initial gas lift optimization operations held in Venezuela, and developed many field, and numerical techniques and correlations for downhole, and surface choke performance with Otis Engineering (US, and Venezuela), and Compania Shell de Venezuela (CSV). He has authored technical articles published in World Oil, JPT, SPE, Intevep Pub., PDVSA, Pacific Oil World, AAPG, SPELAC, and GPA. He holds a BS (1961) and MS (1963) in Petroleum Engineering and a PhD in Engineering Sciences (1970) from the University of Oklahoma. He was one of Dr. John M. Campbell's graduate students from 1962-1968, and participated in the initial data collection and organization for the original John M. Campbell technical textbooks Gas Conditioning and Processing, Volumes I and II. These books provided the basis for a worldwide and extensive training organization initiated by Dr. John M. Campbell during the late1960's, and are still applied by PetroSkills | John M. Campbell for worldwide engineering training to this date.