Josh Gilad

MR. Y. (JOSH) GILAD, PE, has 40 years of domestic and international experience in the engineering, analysis, inspection, troubleshooting, forensic investigation and expert witness for marine liquid bulk terminals for oil (crude, products) and gas (LNG, LPG), cargo handling and storage facilities, prime movers, piping and pipelines. His experience includes pipeline flow and hydraulic transient analysis, pipe stress analysis, pipeline on-bottom stability, pipeline integrity & fitness for service assessment. Throughout his years with Brown & Root (now KBR), Han-Padron Associates (now CH2M-Hill), and as an independent consultant, Mr. Gilad has been involved in the design and installation of numerous single point mooring (SPM) systems and other offshore petroleum terminals, fixed-berth and offshore cargo transfer systems, oil and gas pipelines, Pipeline End Manifolds (PLEMs), pig launching/receiving and oil storage facilities. Mr. Gilad holds a BS and MS in mechanical engineering from the Technion, Haifa and is a registered Professional Engineer in the States of TX, NY and CA. He is one of the original authors of the California State MOTEMS, and presently a member of PIANC working group, WG153, that is developing recommendations for the design of marine oil terminals.