Contracts and Tenders Fundamentals - SC-41


About the Course

This three-day course is designed to help companies award the right contracts to the best providers. Contracting involves many roles that must work together to negotiate, document, and ensure a reliable supply of goods and services for capital projects and ongoing operations. Everyone involved in contracting with suppliers and service providers must understand the entire process, the keys to success, and what is required of their role if contracts are to be effective in managing supply risks. Materials and exercises in this course are specifically built around oil and gas industry issues.

"Course was great. The tender management section of the course as well as the role-play for negotiations part. Very helpful." - Purchaser, United States

"Negotiations exercise was probably the most valuable as a whole with group participation." - Field Engineer - Gulf Coast, United States


Target Audience

Individuals involved in any aspect of sourcing, tendering, selecting, forming, and executing contracts with suppliers of goods and services to the oil and gas industry. Included are project technical roles such as facilities engineers, drilling engineers, project engineers, commissioning engineers, contracts engineers, and planning engineers.

You Will Learn

  • How to better manage project and legal risks with the contracting process
  • How to successfully manage disputes and contract performance issues
  • What is required in a successful tender package
  • How to identify the appropriate contract price strategy to minimize financial risks and contract costs
  • The difference between cost and price analysis and how to use each technique to evaluate a proposal
  • Appropriate commercial and legal contract terms and conditions

Course Content

  • Overview of the contracting process
  • Key issues in forming a contract in the oil and gas industry
  • Establishing risk management priorities throughout the contracting process
  • The legal environment and best use of legal counsel in contracting
  • Avoiding and managing contract disputes in a challenging industry
  • The tendering process and key documents in the tender package
  • Buyer and seller pricing objectives to consider when tendering
  • Tools used in tendering to address financial key risks
  • Types of contracts and examples of industry applications
  • Using economic price adjustment clauses in lump sum agreements
  • Bid evaluation and award considerations including price/cost analysis
  • Using a formal contract change control process

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