Maintenance Planning and Work Control - OM-41


About the Course

No matter what the price of oil is, safe facilities operations require effective maintenance work control. ISO 55000 (PAS 55) is the asset management standard everyone is moving towards.

This course is designed to build competency in Work Control as a primary skill set required to achieve these new standards. It will focus on the six phases of work management: work identification, planning, prioritization, scheduling, execution, and history capture. These essential skills are the key components of integrity management, safety, efficient resource utilization, and reliable operation. A pre and post self-assessment will be used to measure competency improvement. In order to improve facility asset management, each participant will develop an action plan to help their organizations in the long-term effort to become more efficient and safe.

"Absolutely amazing course that I would recommend to all individuals in the asset management department along with management." - Coordinator of Maintenance, United States

"Well, I personally think this course covered just about what I was looking for. Very much everything was tackled." - Deputy Operations Manager, Equatorial Guinea

Target Audience

Maintenance managers, superintendents, supervisors, team leaders, and planners engaged in work management, planning, and scheduling.

You Will Learn

  • To develop world class planning and work control
  • To employ business process analysis techniques in work control
  • How to use a gap analysis on your work management system
  • Step-by-step work control from identification through using work history
  • Optimization of preventive and condition-monitoring activities
  • Techniques: critical equipment analysis, critical spares control, and emergency response work

Course Content

  • Work identification
  • Planning prioritization
  • Scheduling execution
  • History records
  • Optimizing preventive maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance planning
  • Critical equipment focus
  • Emergency response

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